iPhone 5C Cell Phone Box Leaked

Yesterday, a leaked photo showed a bunch of plastic retail boxes with an “Apple iPhone 5C” insignia printed on the side, which hinted that Apple could be using the letter "C" for the cheaper iPhone, but some people guess that the "C" stands for "colorful". Meanwhile, the normal version of next-gen iPhone is likely to be called iPhone 5S as expected. From the picture, we can see that the white packing box looks somewhat like the 5th generation Apple iPod Touch’s plastic container with the device inside and covered with a transparent top.

Since lately there are lots of leaked pictures showing multi-colored plastic housing of the low-cost iPhone, a transparent top can help show off the various color options for the device itself. The latest report has claimed that Apple will introduce the Apple iPhone 5C and Apple iPhone 5S together later this autumn on September 18th and launch them on September 27th. The Apple iPhone 5C is estimated to be similar to the Apple iPhone 5 except with a plastic shell and other plastic key parts to lower the build cost. People will be able to select the color as they like when buying the iPhone 5C. It is generally considered that Apple launching this phone aims to compete in different level markets.


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