iPhone 5 Transparent and Colorful Rear Housing On Sale Now!

Are you tired of the original two colors iPhone 5 rear housing? Want to make your beloved iPhone 5 stands out from others'? Now it's time to make change! ETrade Supply offers two kinds of distinctive iPhone 5 rear housings, which both contain 3 different colors. One kind are transparent rear housings, the other kind are colorful rear housings. Let's first take a look at the colorful iPhone 5 rear housing. Compared with black/white OEM iPhone 5 rear housing, these colorful rear housings are much more beautiful. From the pictures below, you could figure out that the gold, pink and orange rear housing we supplied are exactly the same size as the OEM one and all holes in the rear housing are compatible with the components of iPhone 5, so just go and get it! For the transparent iPhone 5 rear housing, the weight of this iPhone 5 transparent rear housing is much lighter than the OEM iPhone 5 rear housing. The surface of this iPhone 5 transparent rear housing has been polished which has great touch feeling. This plastic transparent iPhone 5 rear housing is scratch-free, don't worry about annoying scratches on the back of your beloved iPhone 5 any more.
  1. BY Charito

    We need iPhone SE transparent housing. Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Plain Transparent.

    • BY kaye

      sorry,Charito, we don’t have the iPhone SE rear housing in stock now,we’ll let you know if it’s available.


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