iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Touch Panel with Frame Leaked

iPhone 5 Part leaks showed to be for the new generation iPhone 5 release date approaches, with many latest photos showing what appears to be the most completely assembled front panel seen yet. The new leaks photos, which were spotlighted by Apple.pro, were posted to a Photo bucket account that former leaked photos of measurements showing that the next generation iPad would become thicker than the iPad 2, as well as the first leaked photos of the next-generation iPhone 5 front touch panel.  

The latest batch of new photos posted showing a almost completely assembled front panel with much more parts we had seen in last months' leaked of the front panel with the LCD attached. The new photos showing the LCD with the front panel band the home button installed and secured by the metal bracket, the shielding frame of the screen that was known as the separate part this month, and the front camera installed in the back of additional shielding.

  Increasing numbers of parts are leaking in ever more complete states of assembly, offering good looks at the overall appearance and layout of the next-generation iPhone. While the front of the device will appear very similar to the iPhone 4S/4 with the exception of a taller screen and slight tweaks in the locations of the camera and sensors, it is the rear of the device that seems to be generating the most discussion. The forthcoming iPhone appears to incorporate a unibody design that will incorporate a two-toned rear/side shell featuring a large metal section in the center paired with two strips of glass or plastic at the top and bottom that will allow for transmission of the numerous types of signals necessary for the device's operation.

NFC sensor equipped on front side of new iPhone A part which is considered as NFC sensor is assembled on this LCD part photo. Considering past leaked new iPhone photos which are reported by iLab Factory or other reporters, a hole is pitted beside iSight camera and new expanded flex-cable, which are connected volume button, reaches where this hole places. This meant some sensor should be assembled on side of iSight camera, and it was cleared now. NFC sensor is it.

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