How to Fix the Common iPhone 5 Problems

After iPhone 5 was unveiled in September, 2012, this high-end smartphone has witnessed a whopping sale. However, iPhone 5 users still experienced more or less problems of the device. There is no doubt that iPhone enthusiasts are eager to see some improvements for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S, which is supposed to release in September or October. What kind of problems that iPhone 5 users met? What kind of improvements that iPhone 5S should have? Let’s check the following problems gathered from online. Also, we work out the related solutions to help users who come across these issues.

[caption id="attachment_3959" align="aligncenter" width="620"]iPhone 5 Picures iPhone 5 Issues We Don't Want on the 5S, pic from cnet[/caption] 1. How to solve the iPhone 5 Wifi connection problems

Plenty of iPhone 5 users have encountered the Wifi connection problems. They reported it is hard for their iPhone 5 to connect specific Wi-Fi networks. The connection is unworkable or unstable. Even if users stand next to the routers, they found signal strength is too low to do the connecting. But when they change to other handsets to do the Wi-Fi connection, it works well.

Solutions: The awful Wifi signal problem may be caused by the iOS bugs which engender the bad connecting speed or failed entrance of iPhone 5’s Wifi radios. Hence, Apple launched the iOS 6.0.2 to help fix the bug. If you still meet the Wifi connection problems, you can try to restart the phone. Holding down the Home button as well as the Lock button together for several seconds, you will find the Apple logo then the iPhone restarts. After restart iPhone 5, try again to do the Wi-Fi connection.

If the Wifi problem is still unsolved, please try the optional solution by going to Settings> Wi-fi > Blue icon nearby the network you are trying to connect > Scroll down the bottom > Set the HTTP Proxy to Auto. (Make the URL item blank)

2. Solutions to the iPhone 5 home button problems

The frequent irresponsive home button problems trouble lots of iPhone 5 owners. They are annoyed much by the problems and complain it constantly. Also, the iPhone 5 home buttons are worn out easily by long-term usage. Solutions: If the iPhone 5 home buttons break accidentally, you can take the phone to Apple Store to get it repaired or replaced when your phone is under warranty. If your phone is out of warranty and you need to use the phone in urgency, you can try the following solution: go to Setting > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and turn it on. A small circle will show up on the screen. After you tap it, these options Home, Siri, More and Favorites are accessible and allow you to bypass the home button.

3. How to handle unworkable power button issues

Many iPhone 5 users are tired of the power button issues, for the power button does not response well. Sometimes, the iPhone 5 power buttons require multiple pushes to make it workable. Sometime, the power button acts less responsive if you only hold down the right side, while responds normally when you press the left side.

Solutions: This is the smartphone’s hardware problems. Take it to Apple Store to get it repaired if your phone is covered by valid warranty. Or you can take it to the phone carrier to see if they have relative solutions.

4.   How to Avoid the iPhone 5 Scratches Problems

More users reported the scratch problem on the body. The iPhone 5’s anodized aluminum back cover easily suffers scratches than standard aluminum used in other phones. The iPhone 5 rear housing can’t stand normal scratch and the coating of the back panel is easily to be scratched off.

Solutions: Facing the scratch complaints, Phil Schiller – the Apple’s marketing director responded "Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color." Even so, nobody likes to hold a defective handset. To better protect your iPhone 5 from scratching, you are supposed to purchase an iPhone 5 case when you get a new intact iPhone 5 in hand.

5.   Solutions to Overheating and Rapid Battery Drain

A number of iPhone 5 customers reported their iPhone 5 batteries drain very fast and the unit also suffers overheating. Apple claimed iPhone 5 battery can last up to 225 hours in standby condition. But, some were surprised to find their full-charged iPhone 5 batteries lose 40% power within one hour.

Solutions: Usually, batteries will drain fast when they are overused. If you encounter the excessive battery drain issues like this, you are recommended to turn off those apps you don’t use. Or go to Setting>Mail, Contacts and Calendars>Fetch New Data and turn off the Push, then select Manually on the screen. Some users find the setting is helpful to handle the problem of overheating and rapid battery drain. But it means you need to open the email app to get updated emails.

Some users also mentioned the hard resetting solution to the battery issues. Pressing the power button and lock button simultaneously until the iPhone restarts. If it is unworkable, maybe you can try to delete the Exchange account and restart the iPhone 5 to create a new Exchange account.

6.   How to Solve Rattling Issue

People can find posts on the forums stating iPhone 5’s rattle problem. These owners lightly shake their devices and find the rattling noise. The noise is annoying and some guess the noise happens due to the loose battery.

Solutions: You can ask professional help by taking your iPhone 5 to Apple store. The workers can fix the unglued battery. Or you can tear down iPhone 5 to do the job by yourself, but please note that disassembling iPhone 5 will void the warranty.

7.   How to Handle the Leaking Light Problem

A number of iPhone 5 users posted to multiple forums claiming the leaked light problem existing on iPhone 5. The lights are leaked out from the top right corner of the screen or the gap around the device’s power connector and antenna. Although the leak is not obvious unless you check it in low light or dim place, from iPhone fanciers’ point of view, it can’t be tolerant for this high-end smartphone.

Solutions: It is a hardware issue. Go to Apple store and look for replacement.

For these above-mentioned issues, related solutions are provided. But Apple supporters will get upset when they encounter these issues or other problems. Anyway, iPhone fans hope the new iPhone 5S comes with these issues worked out. If there are any other issues you don't want on the iPhone 5S, then please share your ideas with us.

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