iPhone 5 earphones in Vietnam


Here is a phrase that will probably be seen more and more of, “DESIGNED BY APPLE IN CALIFORNIA. ASSEMBLED IN VIETNAM.” A website with a good rumorological track record claims to have a pair of Apple’s all-new for 2012 iPhone 5 earphones and they have a strange looking. Alien technology, hello?   From Sep.12 on, Apple is going to publish a series of products, such as iPhone 5, iPad mini, 2012 iMac and so on. However, as welcome as all of these shiny new things will be, no Apple product is more sadly in need of a makeover than the company’s classic white earphones (earbuds), the fundamental design of which hasn’t changed since 2006! Yeah, the mothership added a microphone and remote back in 2008, but the bits you stick in your ears are just as crappy today as they were six years ago.

Happily, change comes. Vietnamese rumor site Tinh Te, which got famed by breaking iPhone 4 news. It reports that Apple will deliver iPhone 5 earphones in about ten days and they are quite different.   The buds have an unusual molded design that appears to funnel sound into the ear canal, and the speaker grilles are almost invisible. They look like a “fully integrated single unit,” and while the solid white design is reminiscent of Apple’s ‘unibody’ construction process…”   Eagerly awaiting the new iPhone 5 earphones? They certainly will be better than Apple’s classic white earphones…  

Via Tapscape https://www.etradesupply.com/apple.html  

  1. BY Syed

    I would like to visit ur factory i want to send regularly to Europe

    • BY kaye

      Hi Syed, our factory is in China, Shenzhen.


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