iPhone 5 battery?

iPhone 5 battery?

  Before Apple finally unveil its new generation iPhone, it seems rumors about it will never end. Yesterday, a website about iPhone-9to5mac has exposed a photo of iPhone 5 battery. This photo clearly shows that the capacity of "new iPhone" battery is only slightly larger than iPhone 4S, reached 1440mAh.

  Many of the tech sites have reported this rumor and doubted whether that iPhone 5 battery can survive in the use of LTE. However, I do not worry about the battery life of iPhone 5. As a great innovative company in the world, no doubt that Apple will add some new features in its next important device. Maybe the new processor and screen are much more efficient than 4s? Maybe Apple has improved some functions which can save the energy? I'm not sure, but one thing I can confirm is Apple will not let an imperfect device entering the market. The truth will be unveiled soon, let's wait and see.


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