iPhone 14 Pro Rumored Release Date, Specs, Design and Leaks

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro will make it possible to change the iPhone line of phones by introducing a significantly different design from the iPhone 13 Pro. Rumors have hinted at everything so far, from the death of the notch to the return of Touch ID.

Here's what we know about the iPhone 14 Pro so far.

iPhone 14 Pro back

1. iPhone 14 Pro rumored release date and price

Following previous releases, we expect the iPhone 14 series to debut in September. We think the iPhone 14 Pro will likely stick to its predecessor's starting price of $999, which is a reasonable price.

iPhone 14 Pro panel

2. iPhone 14 Pro Design

Solid rumors surrounding the iPhone 14 Pro design are still a bit thin on the ground. Ironically, however, just before the iPhone 13 launch, tipster Jon Prosser showed off a set of renders purportedly based on leaked information that revealed some major changes to the iPhone 14 Pro.

The flat edges seen from the iPhone 13 series are retained, but the camera module tends to go the way of the dodo, with three cameras integrated on the back of the phone.

Renderings show volume buttons in homage to the iPhone 4. There's also talk of a titanium construction, which would theoretically make the iPhone 14 Pro stronger and potentially lighter than its predecessor.

Speaking of construction, we still expect the iPhone 14 Pro and the rest of the iPhone 14 lineup to feature ports, despite rumors of a portless design. Apple is sticking with the Lightning port on the iPhone 13 series instead of a USB-C connection, so we don't think the company is ready to give up on the movement entirely.

iPhone 14 Pro

Other notable design changes are the removal of the now-infamous display notch, and Prosser's renders suggest Apple will adopt a hole-punch selfie camera. This seems oddly asymmetrical for an Apple device, so we think a single camera/sensor cutout is most likely.

Touch ID is scheduled to return in the form of an under-display fingerprint scanner. However, with iOS 15.4 adding the ability to unlock your phone with a mask, the need for Touch ID has become less urgent.

Regarding the color options of the iPhone 14 Pro, it is expected to be black, white, pink and dark green;

iPhone 14 Pro Design

3. iPhone 14 Pro Display

According to current rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro will continue to use a 6.1-inch display. As mentioned, the removal of the bangs is probably the most important upgrade here, as it will make major changes to the iPhone's screen design in about five years.

Apple is expected to use a pill-shaped cutout to house the front-facing camera and the sensors needed to make the phone's Face ID unlock feature work.

iPhone 14 Pro Display

4. iPhone 14 Pro Camera

Don't expect a big change in the number of cameras the iPhone 14 Pro brings, as Pro phones tend to stick to a standard mix of main, ultrawide, and telephoto arrays.

One leak is that the iPhone 14 Pro tends to have a 48MP main camera, which could eventually change the 12MP camera Apple has used for years. While Cupertino's computational photography is the best, having more megapixels might give the iPhone 14 Pro more room when it comes to handling light and detail;

The telephoto camera has room to boost its zoom, as an Apple patent points to the company working on a periscope-style zoom camera. If such a feature is going to debut in an iPhone, it's the iPhone 14 Pro. But to muddy the waters, Apple Oracle Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the periscope camera won't appear until the iPhone 15 in 2023.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera

5. iPhone 14 Pro specs and battery life

There are no solid rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro's specs, but it's not hard to predict that any new model will have an improved chip, just like every new iPhone.

Following the A15 Bionic, we expect to see an overall increase in performance from the A16 Bionic chip. The chip is expected to move from the 5nm process node to the 4nm node. Apple-made 5G modems are also possible.

Essentially, the iPhone 14 Pro is likely to offer significant improvements over the A15 Bionic in terms of processor, graphics, and neural processing performance.

A recent leak claims that the iPhone 14 Pro will come with 8GB of RAM. Since Apple's efficiency approach allows it to do more with less RAM than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra,

The storage capacity may reach 1TB, but there are no reliable storage rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro.

There are no rumors yet about battery size or capacity. But we believe the iPhone 14 Pro will match or exceed the 11 hours, 42 minutes the iPhone 13 Pro did in our battery test.

iPhone 14 Pro black

6. iPhone 14 Pro appearance

No notch, Touch ID, a larger megapixel count for the main camera, and a USB-C port really rock the iPhone as we know it. This in turn will set the bar for other smartphones if they want to earn a spot on our best phones list.

iPhone 14 Pro appearance

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