iPad Mini Tops List of Most Easily Broken Gadgets

You might take this into consideration before you get a new gadget, namely whether the gadget is easily broken or not. Then this study conducted by a device insurer SquareTrade Europe could give you a reference.

The Most Easily Broken Gadgets Drop Test

In the top ten most breakable devices, four Apple products dominate the list. The iPad Mini was topping the list, the iPad Air in the third place, the iPhone 5C in the fifth and the iPhone 5S in the eighth. Three Samsung devices were also on the list with the Galaxy S4 in the second position, the Galaxy S3 in the fourth and the Galaxy Tab 3 in the seventh. The rest on the list were three Google devices, Nexus 7 1st, Nexus 7 2nd and Moto X.

As to the purpose of this study, managing director of insurance firm SquareTrade Europe, Kevin Gillan said, “We are all investing in more and more technology, so when we do we want to make sure that we are going to get our money's worth. By putting devices through tests that replicate real life situations, we want to help people make smart choices when it comes to choosing gadgets and ensure they are covered against accidental damage."

Top ten most easily broken gadgets with breakability score in detail. (Higher number indicates a more easily broken device.)

1. iPad Mini (7.5)

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 (7)

3. iPad Air (6.5)

4. Samsung Galaxy S3 (6.5)

5. iPhone 5C (6)

6. Nexus 7 1st (6)

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (5.5)

8. iPhone 5S (5.5)

9. Nexus 7 2nd (5)

10. Moto X (4.5)

Is your device on the list? Are you in favor of this study? Hope this list could help you when you are purchasing a new device or insurance for your device.

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    LG G2 should be #1 on this list


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