iPad Mini Preview Before Apple’s Event

Only Hours before Apple is going to show us the iPad Mini. Some photos of the Complete iPad Mini are Leaked again. Let's see below pictures The iPad Mini LCD Screen is almost 8-inch with about 162mm in length and 124mm in width. The previous exposed iPad Mini LCD is 16:9, but it is still a ratio of 4:3 as usual. iPad Mini Screen Viewing from the front side, we can see that the whole body is 200mm in length and 135mm in width, while the iPad 2 is 241.2mm and 185.7mm respectively. The resolution will be 1,024 x 768, which is the same as iPad 2. People might wonder why there is no front facing camera on iPad Mini, maybe Apple wants to lower the cost to have a competitive price and fit for lower end customers. iPad Mini Speaker & Dock Connector Instead of placing at the corner of the back as iPad 2, the speaker of iPad Mini has been move to the bottom. The iPad Mini is equipped with two speakers. Also we can find that the dock connector has switched from 30-pin to 9-pin as iPhone 5. Apart from these, there are not much big changes on iPad Mini. It uses almost the same layout as iPad 2 on the 3.5mm earphone jack, home button, power button, mute button, volume key and rear facing camera with no flashlight. Inside the iPad Mini, the processor is another part that people are very interested in. Although the quad-core is a trend, iPad Mini may probably still keep using the dual-core A5 chip. This could be the Apple’s strategy of technology selling by making it different from iPhone 5 so as to meet the needs of different kinds of target consumers. As to the iPad Mini software, iPad Mini is going to use iOS 6, which was released a month ago alongside with iPhone 5. The iPad Mini Battery is equipped with a 4490mAh battery with 16.7Whr running at 3.72V. All the pictures in the artircles are original. If copy, please mark the derivation. From iPhone5parts More Apple Parts: https://www.etradesupply.com/apple.html


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