Next iPad Mini Will Feature A Faster A6 Processor but No Retina Display

The latest information from 9to5Mac claimed that Apple is reportedly testing a new iPad mini model that features a faster Apple A6 processor and no Retina Display, but it remains secret whether this device is the nex-gen iPad mini which Apple prepares to launch this year, as this is likely just one of lots of iPad mini models Apple is testing of course.


However, too many earlier rumors said that a low-resolution second-generation iPad mini would be released in 2013 before the new Retina model in 2014, some people also indicated that this new Retinaless model could be the iPad mini 2. A screenshot of some of the iOS 7 beta 4 code in question follows below.

Apple’s iPad mini is facing fierce market competition from the new Nexus 7 which features better power and an improved resolution display. Many sources said Apple will launch iPad mini 2 in 2013 to compete with its rivals, but the information is still unclear on lots of details. Some analysts’ commentary speculated that the iPad mini 2 will have a Retina Display or that the new iPad mini’s official release won’t come until next year. Multiple reports claimed that Apple is planning on a low-cost iPad mini or follow up iPad mini in 2013. About the only thing the iPad mini 2 speculations agree on is that the company is indeed working on the next generation iPad mini. News from 9to5Mac


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