Why My iPad Home Button Collapsed After Screen Repaired?

One of our customers reflects that his iPad Air home button collapsed after the screen tore down and reassembled. It was not as solid as it used to be. He reported to us the situation and asked us if any bracket or screws were missing on the home button inside. We watched his pictures and gave him replies. We told him this was not a big deal and showed him the solutions. Here we would like to share our analysis and solutions on this issue.


iPad home button collapsed


1. Why the iPad or iPhone home button was sunken after screen repaired?


Firstly, we would like to analysis on why the iPad or iPhone home button was falling in after the display screen tore down or replaced. If you have a new iPad or iPhone screen replaced, which is a non-original new screen, you have to confirm the home buttonhole size is exactly the same as the original screen. Some of the third-party manufactured iPad screen and digitizer may have errors on the home buttonhole or other parts. Besides, the iPad home button is a combination with the flex cable ribbon. When you assemble the home button onto the screen digitizer, you need to make sure the home button and the flex cable ribbon closely adhere underneath the digitizer button. It requires us to paste a special glue and adhesive tape on it. On the other hand, if you have to replace the home button at the same time, you’d better choose the original new iPad home button for replacement. Some of the third-party manufactured iPad home buttons are not in the exact size as the iPad screen hole.


Why iPad home button is falling in after repair


2. How to Fix the iPad or iPhone Home button collapsed problem?


Next, we show you the solution and the advice on iPad home button repair here. When we reassemble the iPad Air screen digitizer, we need to install the home button back on it first. Here we would need to apply some special glue for fixing the home button, and replace the spacer to seal up as well. Tearing down the home button from the screen and digitizer will tear off the old adhesive glue and remove the spacer as well. When the iPad home button with flex cable ribbon is placed in the hole, make sure it is in the exact place it used to be. Here we apply some T7000 glue around the home buttonhole on the digitizer beforehand, place the home button, and adjust the position at the same time. Apply some glue on the position of the flex cable ribbon and past the flex ribbon closely on the digitizer. Push the home button on the back slightly to make sure it is flush on the screen. When the home button is fixing tightly on the screen digitizer, we will need to paste the spacer for fixing the home button. We use 10mm Tesa tape to paste on the spacer, make sure the tape is fully covered on the spacer touching face. Paste the spacer across the home button. Gently press it to make sure it is closely applied on the iPad 10.2 digitizer touch screen. Now we can check the home button by slightly pressing, to see if it is sunken on the hole so that we can readjust its position. We can also press around the home button circle to tighten up the home button. Add some more T7000 glue a little bit around the home button module, just to make sure it is fastened well on the digitizer. After these steps, we can assemble the screen digitizer onto the iPad screen.


Fix the home button collapse


In the end, we suggest our customers choose the original new iPad Air home button for replacement. Some of the non-genuine home buttons may have errors on the size with the hole of the screen and digitizer. Follow our steps above and you will avoid the home button collapsed issue. Besides, you may come to Etrade Supply for our original new iPad Air swappable parts here. All our iPad parts are 100% tested before socked-in, just contact us via email if you have interests.  



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