iPad 5 Rear Housing Leaked Showing Much Different

Seems people's interest have all been attracted by "iPhone 5S" and "budget iPhone". As one of Apple's important product, there aren't many rumors about the 5th generation iPad- iPad 5 around the Internet. Not long ago, Fanaticfone.com, a website formerly leaked iPhone 5S LCD screen assembly and Motorola X phone glass lens has showed some pictures of "iPad 5 rear housings". Here ETrade Supply has made a image comparison of iPad 5 and iPad 4 rear housing. Let's see clearly what changes Apple has made for its new tablets. 1. Dimension: According to Fanaticfone.com, the dimension of iPad 5 rear housing is 24x16.8 cm, while for iPad 4, it's 24x18.5cm, same height but different in width. It's said that it's because of the narrow border of iPad 5.

oem_apple_ipad_4_rear_housing_wifi_cellular_version_5_ iPad 5 rear housing

2. Narrow border: The border of iPad 5 is only 3mm, while for iPad 4, it is 6mm on one side and 10mm on the other after we measured.

iPad 5 rear housing left oem_apple_ipad_4_rear_housing_wifi_cellular_version_6_

3. Color of Logo: The Logo on iPad 5 is silver while on iPad 4, is black 4. Loud Speaker: The Loud Speaker of iPad 4 is on left bottom part of its back, while for iPad 5, it's at the bottom like iPad mini. oem_apple_ipad_4_rear_housing_wifi_cellular_version_14_ iPhone 5 rear housing bottom 5. Volume keys The volume keys of iPad 5 has two buttons instead of one as a whole in iPad 4.

oem_apple_ipad_4_rear_housing_wifi_cellular_version_11_ iPad 5 rear housing side keys

6. Weight: The weight of iPad 5 rear housing is 150 g, while iPad 4 is only 100 g. Apple has made the iPad 5 more like a bigger iPad mini, and it's lighter and thinner. Whether this rumor is true or not need to be confirmed through more information. Let's wait and see. Source: Fanaticfone.com  
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    Nice. Apple must be pissed beacuse of this leakage. Thanks for this interesting and informative post.


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