iPad 5 to Feature Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

We almost know everything on fifth-generation iPad tablets according to various leaks and reports from a number of scientific websites. However, people currently still don’t know whether the follow up iPad will be released with an embedded Touch ID fingerprint scanner. iPhone 5S, which is equipped with a scanner integrated into the home button, helped Apple smash prior sales records. While many people hold that other Apple devices including iPad 5 and next iPad mini will not feature Touch ID, the latest new leak suggests it will happen on iPad 5. A photo which was revealed by an anonymous insider on C Technology shows that the next iPad will feature a Touch ID scanner in the home button. It is not the first time that the leaker made this claim, as next generation iPad mini was also previously pictured with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Apple plans to hold an event on October 22nd. Both devices are expected to launch the following week, and several experts agree that Apple will release the new tablets on that day. Source: C Technology


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