Inexpensive Fix For iPhone XS MAX earpiece Low Voice

While playing media:


Three speakers are active volume sounds like only 30% even if the volume bar is at 100%


When on a call:


On-call speaker off:


Voice is barely audible in the ear speaker is nearly 20%


On-call speaker on:


Sound is audible in all three speakers. Barely audible in two speakers and around 30% of in-ear speakers.


If you also have these problems, first check whether the earpiece mesh is blocked, if so, without disassembling the machine, find a hard toothbrush or bristle brush, brush the earpiece several times, and try to brush the earpiece mesh cleanly.


If it still doesn't work, you don't need to replace the speaker, only need to disassemble the machine and replace the earpiece mesh. Take a look at the detailed steps below.


1. Disassemble the machine, remove the screen, remove the earpiece cable, and pay attention to the three screws not screw them wrong, otherwise, it is easy to cause screen problems.



2. Heat it with a hair dryer for about a minute and remove the handset cable.



3. Heat it with a hair dryer, pry it up slowly with flat-tipped tweezers or plastic rods, and then remove the plastic frame.



4. Heat it again with a hair dryer, pry it little by little from the edge of the iron frame with tweezers, hold the earpiece net vertically, rotate it, and pull it out again, because there is a hook on it.



5. Install the original earpiece net, put it directly inside, and find a 401 or 502 glue or soft glue that can also glue the earpiece shelf, do not install it backwards. Gluing on both sides, put it first, absorb most of the glue first, align it with glue, and press it by hand for about 30 seconds. Pay attention to the grooves and lens circles not to stick crookedly.



6. Then install the handset cable back, and after installation, buckle the screen and test whether the volume and recorded sound are normalization.



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