Huawei P30 Teardown and Reassembly for Display Screen Replacement

Huawei P30 is a great smartphone model in 2019. Since we have made the point about the highlights of Huawei P30 on the previous blog article of 6 Highlights of Buying Huawei P30, you must eager to know the internal parts and structure of this smartphone model. Here Etrade Supply makes a demonstration about Huawei P30 teardown and reassembly for display screen replacement. Maybe the whole process would be a little complicated, we hope you could learn something from this article if you work in a repair shop.


1. Huawei P30 Teardown

Used Tools: SIM card eject tool, Philips inflatable park Screwdriver, tweezers, Spudger, Ultra-thin plastic sheet, suction cup, plastic card, hot air gun

1.1 Power off the phone, use the SIM card eject tool to stick the SIM card tray hole and take out the SIM card tray


take out the SIM card with SIM eject tool


1.2 120℃ Hot air gun blow, use ultra-thin sheets to separate and pray up the back housing


separate Huawei P30 back housing


1.3 Undo the 10 Philips screws, and two of them are underneath of black adhesive. Use tweezers to remove the black adhesive


undo the 10 Philips screws


1.4 Use a spudger to pray and take out the wireless charging port


pray out Huawei P30 wireless charging port


1.5 Disconnect the flex cable and remove the motherboard


disconnect the flex cable and remove the motherboard


1.6 Disconnect the flex cables from the sub-board cover, USB port, signal ports, and then take out the loudspeaker and fingerprint sensor

1.7 Remove the battery, tear off the beneath screen slowly


take out the battery and tear off the adhesive screen


1.8 Take out the light sensor and vibration motor


take out the light sensor and vibration motor


2. Huawei P30 New Screen installation and Reassembly

2.1 Huawei P30 LCD screen test: connect the battery cable and the new screen cable to the motherboard, press the power button to turn on the device


connect the battery cable

press the power button and turn on the new screen


2.2 Install the light sensor and vibration motor back


install the light sensor and vibration motor


2.3 Install the motherboard back and connect the display & touch Flex


install the motherboard and display & touch flex


2.4 Place the beneath adhesive screen and install the battery back


install the battery back


2.5 Install the fingerprint sensor, loudspeaker, then the sub-board cover, don’t mess up the order


install the fingerprint sensor and loudspeaker


2.6 Connect the two signal wires back to the port, place the wires right in the position of the groove


connect the signal wires


2.7 Connect the fingerprint sensor and USB port back


connect the USB port back


2.8 Install the sub-board cover and screw the seven Philips screws back


screw back the 7 Philips screws


2.9 Install the wireless charging port back and screw the 10 Philips screws back


install the wireless charging port back


2.10 Place the battery cover adhesive and seal up the back housing


place the battery cover adhesive


3. For display screen with on frame replacement

3.1 80℃ hot air gun blow and slowly remove the black rubber adhesive on the screen edge as well as the waterproof adhesive


remove the black adhesive and waterproof adhesive


3.2 Hot air gun blow again, separate the original screen from the frame with ultra-thin plastic sheet and suction cup


separate the screen from the fame


3.3 New screen test, like the same process as 2.1

3.4Remove the vibration speaker from the original screen to the new screen with a plastic card under 80℃ hot air gun blowing


remove the vibration speaker to the new screen


3.5 Seal the new screen to the frame and reassembly


seal up the new screen with the frame


The whole steps about Huawei P30 teardown and reassembly above are quoted from YouTube video. As our recommendation, you can go to our website for other Huawei P series replacement parts such as Huawei P30 Pro parts or Huawei P30 Lite parts. Etrade Supply also provides smartphone repair technique support. You may contact us for your problems on our Email, or leave us on the comments below. We are glad to help you.


Disclaimer: All the pictures in this article are collected from YouTube video, if we infringe the copyright of the author's, please contact us and notify it and we will remove them immediately. Thanks for understanding.



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