HTC Also Wants to Release A HTC One Google Edition

[caption id="attachment_2739" align="alignnone" width="300"]HTC-ONE HTC One Google Edition coming in two weeks[/caption] Right after Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Edition plan was announced, HTC jumped in with its plans of considering a HTC ONE variant with vanilla Android installed, which will mainly target the US market. It seems that HTC does not want to fall behind Samsung on the flagship with stock Android. Unlike Samsung, however, HTC’s software such as BeatsAudio and ImageSense are relied on HTC’s heavily augmented version of Android. If HTC uses a stock Android then it would be interesting to see how the software would work. If not handled well, HTC may face a lot of trouble. However, it is reported that HTC’s developer team is working hard on this Google edition and the phone will be coming out as soon as in the next two weeks, with the name of “Senseless HTC One” Souce: Geek via Phonearena


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