How to Disassemble HTC One X(AT&T Version)

This article is aiming to help you to replace your damaged HTC One X screen and internal component. If you have any question, feel free to leave a message on our YouTube channel or on Facebook page or on Twitter at


Tools Required:

Sucking Disc


Safe Open Pry Tool

Small Phillips Screwdriver

HTC One X Repair Tutorials:

1.     First of all, turn off the device and use tweezers to remove the SIM card tray.

2.     Applying a Safe Open Pry Tool to release the back cover from the rest of the phone, start from the left and right side, then for the bottom.

3.     Adsorbing the Sucking Tool on the LCD and carefully pull out the rest of the phone.

4.     With the help of Small Phillips Screwdriver, unscrew 5 screws showed in the picture.

5.     After the 2 screws being removed, we can now released the internal top cover.

6.     Undo 2 screws on the mainboard.

7.     You can now use Safe Open Pry Tool to release the LCD flex cable.

8.     Now use Safe Open Pry Tool to release the power button flex cable.

9.     You can use Safe Open Pry Tool to release the side key flex cable.

10.  Uplift the battery, then you could disconnect 3 connectors.

11.  Now you can disconnect the antenna by using the tweezers then release the docking connector assembly.

12.  Remove the battery and motherboard.

13.  Peel off the insulated compound then remove the battery.

14.  Remove the side key flex cable.

15.  Remove the power button flex cable. 

16.  Remove the front facing camera.  

17.  Remove the rear facing camera.  

18.  Remove the navigation flex cable with vibrating motor.

Here attached our video tutorials.


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