HTC One Mini Finally Confirmed by Official UA-Profile, Coming to T-mobile?

HTC One Mini was finally confirmed by the official User Agent Profile from HTC, after long time rumors about the device. Files like this are used to describe the model, screen size and other features of the device before the official release. This HTC One Mini UA-Profile confirms the name “HTC One Mini”, and lists the device will feature a display with 1280x720 pixels resolution and run Android 4.2.

HTC One Mini Finally Confirmed by Official UA-Profile

However, the file doesn’t confirm any detailed specs of the HTC One Mini. It is rumored that the One Mini will be equipped with a 4.3-inch 720p display, a dual-core processor with 2 GB RAM, 16GB built-in memory, Ultrapixel camera, Sense 5 software, a 1700mAh non-removable battery and a full metal design, just like the HTC One.

As to the release date of the HTC One Mini, it is speculated that the phone will be available around the third quarter of this year to T-Mobile USA, but not to Verizon. The information was initially posted on Twitter.

HTC One Mini coming to T-Mobile


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