How to Test A New HTC One X?

How to check the appearance and function of HTC One X?   SETP 1: when getting a new One X, take a close look at the surface to see if there is any scratch or spot on the screen, the back, and especially the camera lens, because this part stands out at the back side and is very easy to get hurt.   SETP 2: Use finger to feel the smoothness of the rim and the back to see if there is any dent or bulge on the back cover.   SETP 3: Check the headset jack and the USB connector to see if there is any dust. Also check if there is dust beneath the touch panel.   SETP 4: Move on to the functional test. First, go to the gallery. Display some pure color images, like red, blue, green, white, black etc. make sure there is no bright or dark spot, dead pixel as well as uneven color.   SETP 5: Test the ear speaker. dial a number whatever get answers. The loud speaker can also be tested at the same time.   SETP 6: For more function test, input *#*#3424#*#*, coming to the interface of HTC Function Test. You can see a list of function test. Press “More” to get another list. Test them one by one. Since most of us concern about the HTC One X digitizer touch panel, let’s start with Line Drawing Test. Select it, and press “Run”, then follow the instruction. Draw straight line on the rim of the screen, then in the middle. If it comes out as you draw, that’s good. If it does not follow your line or it curves, it is sure that the digitizer is bad. Please make sure you are not charging the phone when testing the digitizer.   SETP 7: Move to the P-sensor test. Put your hand right above the P-sensor hole and move down slowly. The brightness turns low automatically when your hand is within the area that the sensor can sense.   SETP 8: Check the LED. First, the three navigator button light, if you feel the light scatter evenly, that’s good.   SETP 9: Check the camera, this phone carries an 8 million pixel camera. Things can be very clear on the screen. It also supports continuous shooting function. Just press the shoot button and hold for a while. You can get a maximum of 20 consecutive images.   There are still other function tests; you can check them all when you buy a new phone.


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