How To Tear Down/Disassemble Galaxy S6 Edge Plus For Screen Replacement

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus together with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 came out to meet consumers in this August. Yesterday, we saw the Galaxy Note 5 was torn down and found that it looks much like the Galaxy S6 from inside design. As we all know, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is 0.6-inch bigger than the 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 which was available in the market 5 months ago. Any other differences from inside structure? Let’s watch how How2Tech disassembled the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.


Tools Needed:


1. Power off the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and remove the SIM card tray.


2. Remove the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery cover.


▪ Heat up to soften the adhesive around the back cover.

▪ Pull up a gap to insert the prying tool and a poker card.

▪ Run the poker card and case opening tool around the edges to separate the back cover.


3. Release the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus rear housing.


▪ Undo the 18 screws in the rear housing.

▪ Pull up the rear housing from LCD assembly with frame.


4. Release the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus motherboard.


▪ Pry up the screen flex connector, battery flex connector, ear speaker flex connector and proximity sensor flex connector.

▪ Pry up the motherboard and turn it upside down to release the connector behind.

▪ Pry up the connectors on the motherboard to release the front facing and rear facing camera if necessary.


5. Release the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery.


▪ Pry up around the edges of the battery as there are two main adhesive stickers underneath.

▪ Insert the Spudger to pry up the adhesive.

▪ Remove the battery by hands.

Be extreme patient and gentle on this removing the battery process.


6. Release the small parts assembled in the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus front housing.


▪ Pry up to release the proximity sensor module.

▪ Pry up to release the ear speaker.

▪ Pry up to release the vibrating motor.


7. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus charging port assembly.


As stated by the video, the charging port flex ribbon assembly cannot be removed until the front glass is torn down as it’s assembled with the navigator flex in between the glass and LCD.


Check this video from How2Tech about how to disassemble Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with detail explanations.


  1. BY theodros

    thank you bro. it worth big to me

  2. BY Jiří

    Pod displejem u mě S 6 Edge plus mi prijde že je nějaká fólie a na ní napsáno sound live Brodcast nevíte jak to odstranit?

  3. BY VINO

    I’m in Kenya and I need a motherboard for s6 edge plus. will I get it

    • BY kaye

      sorry we don’t have the s6 edge plus motherboard in stock, maybe you can check ebay or amazon or other suppliers.

  4. BY Daniel

    Hey what othe motherboard can i use for att galaxy s6 edge+ (sm-928a) because i cant find the sameone

    • BY kaye

      Hi,daniel,sorry to say that the s6 edge plus G928A motherboard is not compatible with other models,if you can’t find one, you can try samsung after-sale service center for help.

  5. BY Matt

    May I use a G928a lcd with a G928w8? The seller claimed it should work, but the hassle all lies on me if they are wrong

    • BY kaye

      Hi. Matt, yes, they are compatible with each other,G928P G928R4 G928T G928V G928A G928F all these models can share the same LCD screen replacement.

  6. BY franco

    You have right the motherboard of g928g is not compatible with the lcd g928f, i have one lcd g928x live demo i will try it, Do you know how warm i use for remove the back cover, one pass or needed two o more

  7. BY Olivia

    Hi, i accidentally put micro sim in s6 edge plus sim slot and now its stuck. Now i went to phone shop and advise that if they will take the simcard out of the slot it can damage the motherboard (wifi etc..) can you please advise if this can happen? Thanks.

  8. BY franco

    hi bro, i have a motherboard of the S6 Edge Plus SM:G928G and the LCD display SM-G928F, do you think is compatible ?

    • BY May

      Hello Franco, the G928G is for India version while the G928F is for European version. Some parts like LCD assembly without frame, cameras for these two models are compatible, but some are not, such as: front frame, charging port with flex etc. Hope it helps.

  9. BY chris

    Can I put the motherboard from a S6 Edge Plus 64GB into my S6 Edge Plus 32GB phone?

    • BY May

      Hi Chris, yes, you can.

  10. BY Franco

    Hi great works, I have a dude the main logic motherboard, its the same size than the s6 edge and s6 edge plus ?
    It’s possible put motherboard of the s6 edge on s6 edge plus

    Thanks a lot you reply.

    • BY May

      Hello Franco, the S6 Edge motherboard can NOT be used on S6 Edge Plus, the two motherboards are different.


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