How to Solve iPhone 5S Ear Speaker Problems

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have just finished replacing a defective part in your iPhone 5S, but when you power it on you get no sound from the earpiece? It's a very common problem in the DIY repair community, and luckily, the problem can be easily solved after finding the cause. So here we tell you how to find and solve the problem.


First, front camera check.


If the front facing camera can't be opened, then its flex cable may be damaged, you'll need to replace it. Why is this step first? Because the iPhone 5S' earpiece is connected to the front-facing camera's flex cable, and if the flex cable is damaged, we won't be able to properly test the earpiece.


Second, earpiece connection check.


If you can carefully open the front facing camera, then you can reassemble its flex cable and reconnect the earpiece to the flex cable correctly. Why do we need to reassemble the parts? Because we need to exclude the possibility of an assembly error.


If after following all these steps your iPhone 5S' earpiece still doesn't work, then one thing for certain, you need to replace your ear speaker. Replacing the ear speaker should solve the issue, but if not, you'd better make a visit to your local repair shop to have it checked out.


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