How to set 2-step verification on iDevices

Apple iDevices are much safer than other devices. However, to prevent privacy being stolen like Hollywood Scandal in 2015, the 2 step verification when logging in is a good choice for safety. Now, we show you guys how to do this setting step by step.


Step 1: Go to official Apple website:, then click Support.  


Step 2: Scroll down to the section of “Get help with Apple ID


Step 3: Sign in to manage your accoun‍t.


‍‍Step 4: Manage your Apple ID.


Step 5: Log in. 


Step 6: Choose the “Password and Security”, and answer the security questions.‍



Step 7: Manage your security settings and try the two-step verification.


Step 8: To complete the setting, please click the Continue.


Step 9: Move on.


Step 10: Complete the setting. However, it will takes 3 days for the next operation for safety reason.


3 days later, when you login into the site, you will need to verify your phone number first and input a reset key that something like safety key. It is very easy so just follow the steps and you will make it effortlessly.


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