How to Save iPad Air Battery Life

Many people favor the thinner and lighter iPad Air, but they also feel disappointed by the battery life. The iPad Air is claimed to last 10 hours on multimedia, such as web surfing, music listening or video watching. However, if you find your iPad Air does not last up to the expected hours or meet the required standards, you can learn from the tutorial to reduce battery drain or save iPad Air battery life.

save iPad Air battery life

Tip 1: Keep iPad Air Away From Heat


It is easy to drain iPad Air battery by heat. So it is advisable to keep your iPad Air away from heat coming from the sun or a hot car.

Tips 2: Set Proper Auto-Lock Interval to Save iPad Air Battery

The Auto-Lock setting will make your iPad Air screen turn off after a period of inactivity, aiming at saving battery life. So you can set the Auto-Lock interval to 1 ~ 5 minutes by going to Setting > General > Auto-Lock.

Tips 3: Set Suitable Wi-Fi Connection Mode

It is a common issue that using Wi-Fi would drain iPad Air’s battery fast. When your Wi-Fi connection is set “On” mode, it will automatically search for available network, which needs more battery to support the searching. So to save iPad Air battery, you can set suitable Wi-Fi connection options by tapping Setting > Wi-Fi > On/Off toggle for Ask to Join Networks to disable it.

Note: If the feature is disable, your iPad Air will automatically join known Wi-Fi networks, but if unknown network is available, you have to manually select it.

Tip 4: Extend Battery Life by Dimming the iPad Air Screen

To extend iPad Air battery life, you can lower the screen brightness or enable Auto-Brightness. Therefore, dimming your iPad Air screens according to your preference or allow the screen to automatically adjust its brightness on current lighting conditions. Tap on Setting > Brightness & Wallpaper > Set Auto-Brightness to On.

Tip 5: Disable Location Services to Reduce Battery Drain

It is also helpful to reduce battery drain by turning off Location Services. Go to Setting > Privacy > Location Services > System Services to disable the services you don’t need, such as Diagnostics & Usage, Setting Time Zone, and Location Based iAds.

Tip 6: Turn Off Features of Notification Center

You can save battery by turning off features on the Notification Center. Tap Settings > Notification Center, then scroll down to choose the features you don’t use and tap On/Off toggle to Off. These features include Today Summary, Next Destination, Tomorrow Summary and Stocks etc.

Tip 7: Disable Dynamic Wallpapers to Save Battery

iPad Air offers lots of features, but many features exhaust the battery life, such as the dynamic wallpapers feature. Therefore, disabling dynamic wallpapers can squeeze a bit of battery. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Tap Wallpaper > Select Wallpapers from the “Stills” category rather than “Dynamic”.

Tip 8: Turn Off Photo Stream to Extend iPad Air Battery

Turning off Photo Stream is also helpful to save iPad Air battery. If you don’t use the Photo Stream feature, you can turn it off by tapping on Settings> iCloud > Photo Stream.

Tip 9: Disable Apps in Background App Refresh

If there are some Apps in the Background App Refresh, these Apps would be at the cost of iPad Air battery life, so you can turn off Apps in the background that you’re not using. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it off to preserve battery life.

Tip 10: Turn Off iOS 7 Updates Apps to Save Battery

If you face battery life issues, you can try to disable iOS 7 automatically updates apps by tapping on Settings > iTunes and App Store > Turn Off the “Updates” toggle on the Automatic Downloads section.

Tip 11: Turn off Bluetooth from the Control Center

Turning off Bluetooth can extend iPad Air battery, so you can disable Bluetooth if you don’t use it frequently. Go to Settings > Bluetooth to disable the switch.

Tip 12: Turn Off Siri or Personal Hotspot

If you don’t use Siri or Personal Hotspot, you can turn them off by going to Settings > General > Siri or Settings > Personal Hotspot.

It is workable to extend iPad Air battery if users can fully charge the battery and completely run it out per month. Do you know other tips to save iPad Air battery life? If so, please let us know in the comments.


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