How to Replace Galaxy Note 3 Volume & Power Key without Removing Mainboard

After thousands of pressing, does the volume or power key of your Note 3 still function well? Actually, most of people are used to pressing the power button every minute, whether to look at the SNS messages or not. Therefore, the power button is very easy to be insensitive. So, we take Galaxy Note 3 as an example here to** **demonstrate the replacement of volume and power key. We hope it will be helpful for you. Tools needed:Triangle Case opening tool;A pair of tweezers; A Phillips Screwdriver remove screws After removing the battery door, getting the SIM card and SD card out of the handset, you have to undo 12 screws in the rear housing, then remember to take out the stylus. Next, you can just use the guitar pick to pry up the rear is easy, but be careful! And after all the preparation done, it‘s time to replace the Galaxy Note 3 volume & power key without removing mainland. pry out flex cable The first step, as you have taken off the rear housing, then you need to pry out the flex cable connector and the earphone jack flex cable. The flex cables are very sensitive and are easily damaged. So you have to handle carefully. remove green tape The second step, the green tape securing the antenna should be peeled off gently and placed nearby for the next step. use the cable to suppor the logic board and take the volume key The third step, with the volume key flex cable’ supporting, you can see the volume key clearly, and remove it easily with the tweezers. take the cable out The fourth step, before taking out the power button, you need to use a tweezers to pry out the power button flex cable, which is very fragile and short. Handle carefully and gently, or else the flex cable will be damaged. remove the power switch gently The fifth step, finally, after all the preparation done, you can remove the power button easily!   Thank you for reading our tutorial of how to replace Galaxy Note 3 volume & power key without removing mainboard.


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