How to Repair a Cracked Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen

Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest Android smartphone in Samsung Galaxy series, was released on April 11, 2014 in 125 countries. Galaxy S5 has become the spotlight by its refined user experience, fingerprint reader, dust and water resistance, and the updated camera and screen. GS5 also includes a 5.1 inches super AMOLED display, an incredibly removable battery and microSD slot, firmly secured rear housing and improved build quality.

When it comes to Galaxy S5 reparability, it gets 5 out of 10 (10 is the easiest to repair), which means the Galaxy S5 is still easier to fix than other phones. Therefore, if you acquire basic skills on cell phone repair and follow the right instructions, you can replace a broken Galaxy S5 screen easily.

Here we walk you through detailed steps for replacing a cracked Galaxy S5 screen. ETrade Supply is always the first to get Samsung Galaxy S5 replacement parts and components.


Fix  Broken Galaxy S5 Screen

Tools Needed:

Spudger Tool

Case Opening Tool

Hair Dryer

New Replacement Part:

A set of front housing adhesive

Galaxy S5 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly

Step 1: Power off the Galaxy S5.


Step 2: Peel the battery door off this GS5 with your thumb.

Note: The ease of removal design on Galaxy S5 battery case enables the DIY lifestyle for Galaxy S5 users. In hence, you can replace the Galaxy S5 back cover without any hassle if you suffer a broken one.

Galaxy S5 back cover is removed

Step 3: Remove the Galaxy S5 battery.

Note:  The GS5 battery is easy to remove and install. Please kindly note if you purchase a new Galaxy S5, you have to install the battery yourself after unboxing it.


Step 4: Remove the cover protecting the connector underneath it. 


Step 5: Disconnect the Galaxy S5 home button connector.


Step 6: Use a hair dryer to heat up the Galaxy S5 screen.

Note: The GS5 display is fixed by strongly sticky adhesive tape, so a large amount of heat is needed to loose the glue. You should apply heat persistently to make the screen hot enough, then the screen is easier to pry it out.  If you want to replace a new GS5 screen, you need a new set of S5 front housing adhesive too.


Step 7: Pry the screen out of the device by case opening tool and spudger.

Note: After the glue is loosen, you can wedge several case opening tools around the side between the screen and rear housing. And then pry the screen out of the device by spudger tool. Please make sure you pry the display from the top of the phone rather than the bottom, for there is a cable on the home button.

Pry the screen out of the Galaxy S5

Step 8: Disconnect a cable connecting the LCD and digitizer on Galaxy S5

Note: The connector is at the top of the screen, so you need to gently pry the display and use a spudger to disconnect the cable controlling the GS5 LCD screen and digitizer touch screen.

 Disconnect a cable on Galaxy S5

Step 9: Pull the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen assembly away from the rear housing.

Note: When the connector is disconnected, you can pull the Galaxy S5 LCD screen assembly away from the rear housing.


Step 10: The Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD screen and digitizer touch screen assembly is disassembled.

Note: The disassembled Galaxy S5 LCD screen assembly carries the home button. You can remove the Galaxy S5 home button if the home button performs well and you only need to replace a new Galaxy S5 screen replacement part. But please remember to assemble the home button to the new GS5 screen replacement part you buy.

Samsung Galaxy-S5-screen-is-removed

Step 11: Replace a new Galaxy S5 screen assembly replacement part

Note: Now the Galaxy S5 LCD screen is separated, and you can use a new Galaxy S5 LCD screen and touchscreen assembly to replace it and assemble the GS5 device in reverse. If the Galaxy S5 screen assembly comes without the home button, you have to remove the GS5 home button from the broken screen then assemble it on this new GS5 screen part.


If you want to replace any of the Galaxy S5 internal parts, such as rear housing, camera, earphone, charging port and headphone jack etc., the first thing you should do is to remove the screen. Therefore, you have to disassemble the GS5 screen assembly to get into this device for replacement.

Please note DIY repair Galaxy S5 will void the warranty of your device but may save money. We have got the Galaxy S5 and disassembled it to teach you how to DIY repair these broken Galaxy S5 parts and components:

• Replace a cracked or shattered Galaxy S5 rear housing

• Fix a damaged Galaxy S5 earphone jack

• Replace broken Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

• Fix malfunctioned Galaxy S5 ear speaker or loudspeaker

• Repair a problematic Galaxy S5 charging port

  1. BY George Pv

    Can i just change my Galaxy on nxt screen without touch?

  2. BY diego

    I dropped my samsung 5 on my fan, now the screen is cracked/broken, the home button still lights up when i hit the power button, but i can’t see anything on my screen, its just black. Will the article & steps i just read help me fix my screen?

  3. BY harman

    Hi! Can I use Samsung s5 g900fd screen on Samsung s5 g900f?

    • BY kaye

      Hi,yes, they can share the same screen replacement.

  4. BY Ray Ban RB7788 Wayfarer Black

    fine article,it is useful to me and others,please just keep it….
    Ray Ban RB7788 Wayfarer Black

  5. BY Jen

    I’m REALLY hoping you can help me…
    I dropped my phone, and the phone’s glass screen broke, diagonally. The phone still works, but I’m careful not to use it much, as I don’t want it to get ruined. It did NOT have an extra protective screen on it when it happened. What exactly am I looking to buy? Do I follow the same directions you’ve given above? It appears that the digitizer assembly is quite expensive. For the prices I was finding, I could get it repaired by a professional. Am I looking at the wrong thing? Do I need a lcd digitizer assembly?

    • BY kaye

      Hi,since your screen touch function and display function is acting normal, guess it’s just the glass screen got broken, you can replace the glass screen only which is much more cheaper, however it needs very professional skills to do this job, you’d better ask clearly when sending it to repair shop.

  6. BY Peter

    My phone screen is crack i just want to know how much thank you

  7. BY Jordan t

    How much is it all together and where can i buy oregonal glass

  8. BY malik zulfi

    muja lcd samsung galaxy s5 g900f ki lcd chahiya

    • BY mile to mujy b btana


  9. BY Monica Goode

    My Nephew dropped my phone, and there is now a crack that appears to be on the inside. The screen was only half way black at first and now it has gone completely black. I have constantly been told that the LCD has gone out, and from what I see it is expensive! I really want my phone, I had just gotten it! Is there anything that I can do???

  10. BY Ntsane Motlokoa

    Hi there I am looking for the chinese Samsung s5 Sreen to replace the cracked one

  11. BY Garima

    Many tempered glasses are available in the market in the minimum price, but if you want the complete protection the glass should have some unique features such as:
     IPhone 6 has a curved feature and thus, the tempered glass should be curved.
     High touch sensitive, so that the function of your phone does not get affected.
     It should be scratch resistant, oil resistant and figure resistant.

  12. BY Alex

    Is the phone still waterproof after you replace the screen? Has anyone tested this?

  13. BY Gale Rogers

    you are very thorough much appreciated I hoped for priceing.

  14. BY Mon

    I broke my samsung galaxy e5. The screen is shattered and i can not see anything. I can hear the phone ringing though i can not answer it. I’m guessing he screen is not responding. It has a non removable battery. How do i repair it :\

  15. BY hollee

    I cracked the screen really bad on my S5 and the screen went blank. I ordered a new screen and had it put on, but it still is just a black screen. I can see a blue light come on and it vibrates but nothing but black on my screen. The screen I got was the full deal LCD with digitizer. What else could it be? HELP!!!!

    • BY May

      Hi Hollee, check the LCD connector first, see if it’s well connected or not. If not, perhaps the new LCD assembly you got was a faulty one.

  16. BY Steve

    I too bought a Sumsung S5 1 month ago and just noticed a hairline crack from top to bottom. I didn’t drop it or misuse it in any way. I bought the phone in Australia from Kogan and am having trouble getting them to admit that it’s a warranty issue.
    Looks like hair line cracks are caused by a latent defect in the phone manufacture. Clearly a warranty issue.

  17. BY Patrick

    I replaced the screen & digitizer on my S5 but now am unable to connect to the carrier. The phone sees the carriers (T-mobile) but will not register. It worked prior to replacing the screen. The wifi / usb / charger all work. What could be the problem and what is needed to fix it? Thanks!

  18. BY Fix me

    Just replaced my lcd on S5 but the top right of the lcd won’t sit flush. Any thoughts?

  19. BY Matt S

    Just got the Samsung Galaxy S5 three weeks ago. Went to get it off the charger and noticed it wouldn’t turn on. I observed it closely and noticed the cracks underneath the screen. I know for sure I didn’t drop it and it had a case and screen protector. Very disappointed….

  20. BY Rey-tech

    I’ve got a new S5 and I accidentally dropped it and it was so fragile the front glass was broken with cracks big time.. As I’ve inspected S5 as I’m using it, the materials that it was made of was so cheap, not worth it for a highly priced phone. I got another phone (iPhone 5) and I dropped it a lot of times and still the damage are just little dents or scratch.

    To those of you planning to buy S5, please dont. Might as well invest for an iPhone rather than this so fragile phone, even the sides of it is not metal like iPhone.. S5 has a sides of a hard plastic plated with metallic silver.. so cheap…! Oh well, when u think of it, iPhone really sets standards on phones and others are just catching up or rather making their interface or applications look like apple. Even the S5 user interface is not that good and sometimes lags unlike tge smooth touch of an iPhone. Nxt time I wont be buying samsung or other android wannabe phones.

    • BY pat

      lol, you’re right.
      i have 3 pcs of samsung product in my drawer, all thier screen as damaged , inferior product with high cost . have lost passion on their products

      • BY kaye

        Hi pat, the Samsung Galaxy screen is OLED screen not LCD, so it will cost too much to replace a new display.

  21. BY Chuck H

    3 mo old S5 screen also cracked. From just left of the speaker to just above the power button. No hard hits.

  22. BY shuvashis

    they sell s5 telling water resistant but my phone got damaged by water and now theres fungus in between the lcd and digitizer. and they dont even consider it as a warenty issue although i have 2yrs warenty.
    NOW what to do? should i try separating the digitizer and lcd and clean, then from where i can get the glue?

  23. BY derek

    this is crazy seems all of us have pretty much the same issue w the hairline crack on the galaxy s 5 anddd it seems as though these carriers are falsifying part of our contracts and not honoring their warranty s this is a bunch of bs some of us dont have that kinda money to just go blow on a new phone especially when we just paid top dollar for the phones we have total horse shit

  24. BY Zach

    Yeah…. I bought my Samsung Galaxy 5s back in June.
    Since then, ive had constant problems with it connecting to wifi.
    my last verizon bill was $280. I probably wasted about 10 hours over the phone in 3 days telling verizong technical support and customer service the issues… Once i think we are on the same page.. My phone officially goes out.. Hairline crack inside the screen..
    Was on charge for 20 minutes.. I notice the touch screen buttons at the bottom of the phone are flashing. i take the phone out of its otter box(Verizon insisted i buy one for the phone)
    and thats when i noticed the crack.. I take it to verizon.. they tell me i have no insurance.. But when i bought the phone, the sales rep set me up with insurance..(Same verizon employee who insisted me to buy the otter box).. Verizon took one look at my phone and did nothing..
    Samsung gives you a year warranty but yet they cant honor it…

    Best thing i can tell everyone… take your phone to Best Buy… they have a samsung store inside the building.. they can take a look at it and work with you.. I hope…

    Never again will i buy the newest phone on the market.. Im right back to my iphone4s…

  25. BY Eric C

    I too have a G5. I was at work and had my phone sitting in an electric panel. Went and got a piece of conduit looked at my screen and it was cracked. Now I suppose someone could have walked by, open the electric panel, cracked the lens, put it back and closed the panel. Highly unlikely. Now it is extremely hot at my work, 100 degrees. Heat may have something to do with it probably due to expansion rate of a water tight phone.

  26. BY shafique

    I have galexy 5 sm_ g900a with lcd damege . In my city rwp I have search but I cannot find g900a amrican model lcd can I use g900 h pakistani model lcd in my glexy s5 g900a amrican model, any one clear best price whee I can get at low price

  27. BY mzdogar

    I replaced lcd unite of GALAXY S5 for 127$ from Hall road Lahore Pakistn..and its 100percent Ganien ….my s5 was water damaged and its touch was working but its lcd was dead…….

  28. BY stig

    My screen also developed a fault wholst on charge. Samsung say out of warranty. I will take it to court im soo annoyed!

  29. BY John

    Just go via Samsung warranty repair line. I’ve used them twice so far. Once work my S3 and once with my S5. The on the S5 had a hardware error and was unusable. Just postep it to them for free and was returned fixed for free in about 7 days. Now the glass seems to be coming loose on the bottom left of the screen. I think the sun n heat in ibiza had softened the adhesive. Once I’m back in the UK next week in going to phone up and get it sent off again. It’s working fine but I’m sure it’s probably not water resistant any more lol

    Samsung warranty in the UK is really good. I’m sure you can part with your phone and use a cheap emergency one for a week!

  30. BY Tomas

    I too just got a new S5 was putting a screen protector on it 2 days after receiving it and noticed the “Hairline crack” too. I have made umpteen calls to Verizon with no acceptable help. I went to other Verizon stores they would not honor the 14 day “no questions asked” policy. I called Samsung they said return it for a 2 week evaluation, sorry that’s too long.
    The good news is that after reading all these postings with the same issue I called Verizon and explained my frustration again and told them there must be some factory defect. Well they immediately sent me a form to make a claim and assured me they would be sending a new phone next day. There are Angels.

    • BY Star

      OMG, I just bought my phone 2 days ago, this morning I am getting ready for work and noticed a hairline crack in it. I never dropped the phone, its been sitting on my desk plugged in or charging by my bed overnight. Nobody will help me, the store says to call Samsung, they say to go to the store. I go to the store, they say call Samsung. Samsung can fix it for me for $160. I bought it TWO days ago. I did buy the insurance, but, of course it has a $170 deductible, and, a 30-day waiting period! Unreal! So you actually kept calling Verizon & you got somewhere with them? If I had dropped the phone or banged it on something that is one thing, but, I did not hit or drop it or anything. Very frustrating!

  31. BY Amy

    Identical cracked screens on my and my husband’s 5 for no known reason…is this a defect? Phones are less than a month old.

  32. BY amanda

    I also had the same problem – just noticed a hairline crack one day. It’s a month old, I have a case and screen protector on it. I had an iPhone 4 for over three years, dropped it all the time, never once cracked. WTFFFFFFFFF

  33. BY troy

    this just happened to me last night, hairline crack in top right corner, black screen but it still rings, did not drop it. is this a warrenty issue does anyone know ?

  34. BY Phil

    My GS5 did the same thing, hairline crack right across it, never dropped it and its in a case, don’t when it occured just happen to noticed it.

  35. BY John

    I recently broke the screen on my S5 so badly that nothing shows on the screen itself. The phone is still functional because I get notifications still and it vibrates when it rings, but the display doesn’t work. Does this mean the LCD is broken as well? How much will this cost to get fixed and where could I get it fixed at?

    • BY Andrew

      Dropped my screen this morning… cracked very badly, with the same result. The phone functions, but the display is completely black. Phone is on silent, too. 🙁

      I am looking forward to a response… if anyone has any suggestions.

      • BY May

        In this case, your LCD Display was damaged, and the silent problem may be casused by the loose of flex connectors. We’d suggest you to replace the whole LCD Assembly instead of LCD Display only, as it’s high risk to separate the hermetically attached LCD Disply and Touch Screen. For more details about the LCD Assembly, please visit below link for reference.

    • BY jencen

      this is my life. crack on top screen as thin as hair. never dropped it. I was just using it while charging so the screen was so hot don’t know how it happened. its ringing but screen is black.. 🙁

      • BY shari

        Mine did the same thing…. hairline Crack for no identify able reason so disappointed

  36. BY Jose

    When replacing the screen assembly do u really need to replace the front housing adhesive or can you remove it from the broken one and put it on new one?

  37. BY Eric

    Awesome article. Where can you obtain the tools mentioned in the article? I believe my screen is bad and would like to try fixing myself. when I look at the replacement parts for the Galaxy S5, you just have the screen for sale but no tools to do the replacement.


  38. BY Jess

    I dropped my phone and the screen shattered. I called a place to get a price to replace it and they told me they charge $200. I really do not want to pay that much considering I didn’t even pay that much for the phone to begin with. I can still use my phone and the display is still perfect but I’m not sure what parts I need to but to replace the screen. Could you help me out?

    • BY Dustin

      Where did you go to get it fixed… Cause I went to a place and they said that it’s so new that they can’t even order the screens?

      • BY Hayley

        Maybe you have already gotten a reply, but in case you haven’t, I have been told all day today that the glass alone can not be ordered alone, you have to order the entire panel. Well if you search on ebay and found the glass for $3. And to have the entire thing replaced I would have to pay $240 plus a labor charge. I personally recommend ordering the glass and taking it to a friend if you don’t want to do it yourself, but it will be cheaper than replacing it. Hope this helps in any way.

    • BY Adam

      I know this is late but I think I can clear things up a bit. What you broke is called the lens, just the outer layer of glass, and that can be replaced on its own for a cheaper price but few places do it correctly. This guide shows the full assembly/combo/display repair where the AMOLED panel is replaced in addition to the lens which bumps up the cost significantly. And to be devil’s advocate on the pricing, the phone is $200 when you’re using an upgrade on your account because that involves signing another two year contract with them and you’re unable to do so again for 20 months (I’m less familiar now but I know they’ve started to change this policy, mimicking T-Mobile’s “Jump” program). Purchasing the phone without the signing bonus will run you $600 so the $200 price becomes a lot more attractive if the damage bothers you or affects performance.

    • BY Jess

      I forgot to mention I have the samsung galaxy S5

  39. BY diego

    exelente tuto !! y muy facil de hacerlo


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