How to Fix the Cracked Screen on HTC One

If you have the cracked screen on HTC One and you don’t want to send it back to Samsung’s flagship store, you can try to DIY fix it yourself if you can deal with the challenge. Whether you have broken the HTC One’s touch screen digitizer or LCD display isn't functioning normally, changing the whole screen assembly on the HTC One will resolve both problems. Now we will show you how to disassemble the new HTC One, and replace a shattered or cracked screen if you're somehow not covered by warranty, now or in the future. Also, this step by step tutorial will teach you how to replace the damaged HTC One’s front housing, charging port PCB board, front or rear facing camera, battery and etc.

How to Fix the Broken HTC One Screen

What You Need to DIY Repair the Cracked HTC One screen: You'll need some special phone repair tools and replacement parts for HTC One so that fix the device successfully, including the replacement screen for HTC One. If you don’t know where can buy the excellent original HTC One replacement parts, we highly recommend checking out ETrade Supply’s online store as ETS offers 100% OEM brand new replacement HTC One parts. All the links below will route you to the direct product on the site.

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HTC One Screen Step by Step Repair Instruction:

  1. Power the cracked HTC One off.

 2. Insert the case opening tools into the gap between the rear housing and the motherboard, and then separate them.

Pry out the LCD assembly of the HTC One. Insert the case opening tools into the gap between the rear housing and the motherboard, then separate them

 3. Take out the black retaining bracket, open 5 connectors, and then remove 2 antennas.

Take out a black retaining bracket, open 5 connectors, then remove 2 antennas.

4. Remove 4 screws with the Small Philip Screwdriver.

Undo 4 screws with the help of Small Philip Screwdriver

5. Use tweezers to disconnect 2 antennas.

disconnect the 2 antennas

6. Use Tweezers to pry up the vibrating motor.

Use Tweezers to pry up the vibrating motor

7. Disconnect the flex cables on the motherboard, take out the flex cables.

Disconnect the flex cable on the motherboard, take out the flex cable

8. Remove 4 screws on the motherboard.

Undo the 4 screws on the motherboard.

9. Take out the motherboard carefully.

take out the motherboard carefully

10. Remove 2 screws, and then remove the USB metal shield.

Undo 2 screws, then remove the USB metal shield

11. Remove the screw so that take out the loud speaker assembly and charging port flex cable.

Undo a screw, take out the loud speaker assembly and charging port flex cable

12. Remove 3 screws and take out the PCB board.

Undo 3 screw and take out the PCB.

13. Peel off tapes, disconnect connectors and then remove the front facing camera and rear facing camera.

Peel off tapes, disconnect connectors and then remove the front facing camera and rear facing camera

14. Use case opening tools to pry up the HTC One battery.

Use case opening tools to pry up the battery

15. Finally, separate the cracked screen assembly from the front housing, and replace an OEM brand new HTC One screen.

Separate the HTC One LCD Screen Assembly from the front housing

If your screen is cracked but still able to use it or see it, your LCD (picture displaying unit) is fine, then you will need a digitizer replaced only. LCD is the part displays the picture. If the device can’t display the picture and the touch screen was damaged, you have to replace the digitizer and the LCD together which will costs more. Welcome to visit ETrade Supply’s official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We will publish more DIY repair tutorials and the latest news of upcoming smartphones on these social media platforms.

  1. BY majid

    hii my htc one max 803e digitizer and lcd is cracked badly and i am looking for new one but it is not available in local market will etrade can delivered it to capital of india delhi i want to place an order urggently plz reply as soon as possible

  2. BY atul

    Only touch replace possible yes or not.

  3. BY atul

    My htc one dual sim touch is cracked. Plz tell me only touch available in market.

    • BY May

      This is what you may need:

      • BY atul

        My htc one dual sim battry backup is 6 to 8 hours.
        I am change the battrey pls tell me original battery provide website.and battery cost tell me

        • BY May

          This is the link for your reference:

          • BY Vic

            Please my htc one screen fell off and the screen got cracked, i want to place an order right now on etradesupply, but before i do, I’d like to know if it will be shipped down to me because i live in Nigeria and i can’t find it on my local store, i want to place an order right now with my mastercard.. Can it be delivered to me here in nigeria? if yes, how long would it take?
            N:B I do not mind the shipping cost.

            I await your urgent response. Thanks

          • BY May

            Hi Vic, yes, we ship to Nigeria usually with 5-7 business days. If you have any question, you can contact us via live chat or email to
            Live chat link:

  4. BY Liz Valentin

    Screen is cracked

  5. BY Kelly

    Do I have to take the whole phone apart to replace cracked screen, everything else is working just fine?

  6. BY saurav pahuja

    hi i m an unprofessional guy in terms of mobile repairments recently my phone was droped from my pocket and its display does nt show any thing only back screen but the whole phone is working as previous only problem is the black screen nd touch works i wanted to know how much it could cost to me to replace the phone display plz tell an estimate cost

  7. BY Andreas

    Venkatesh, I think that you messed up some cable for the screen. Check them.

  8. BY Venkatesh

    Hi, i recently replaced my screen and was working fine, later the top motherboard stopped working and bought a new one, i fitted it and tried to turn it on and there was no display but there is audio when i connect my headphones. Any Idea on what has happened?
    thank you

  9. BY Orlando

    Hi. Great tutorial! I am 15 so do you think that project would be too hard for me to do?

  10. BY Sanjeev

    Hi , thank you for this wonderful tutorial. But i am having a dual sim version 802w and its digitizer cracked. can i use the same for HTC one M7 or should i look for specific replacement. please advise 🙂

    • BY Fouad

      Hello, did you get lucky finding a replacement for the HTC One dual sim screen ? I broke mine also and I am unable to find it. I also need the removable back cover…mine is badly scratched…any info would be usefull
      Thanks !

  11. BY Michael

    Hi. Thanks for the instructions. My digitizer is cracked but the LCD is ok. I have been told, and read, that the digitizer and LCD cannot be separated. You say they can – so how easy is it to separate them. (Not a professional, but repair laptops, phones and tablets as a hobby). Thanks and best regards

    • BY keshav

      same prob. here wide me…. plz tell me wat to do n how much it I’ll cost for replacement. Thx in advance.

      • BY ETrade Supply

        Hi Michael and Keshav, it’s really extremely difficult to separate the digitizer and LCD. If you’re not a professional, please do not take risk. And you can find the cost of the HTC One LCD screen assembly replacement part on our website. Hope this could help you.

  12. BY Andriy Shura

    Hi guys. Thank you for the amazing tutorial on how to repair HTC one. I just wanted to ask you about the aspect which wasn’t mentioned in it – putting the phone back together. Did you have any difficulties doing that? Did you use any glue or tape to make it stick together? Cause I’m about to change my digitizer and the whole housing, would be good to be aware of the difficulties before I face them 🙂 Waiting patiently for your reply. Thank you very much for your time.

    • BY Junior

      It is not an easy job to take apart HTC One if you are not a professinal man. You can use the special glue or tape to stick the touch screen and LCD display, the glue or tape can be bought in your local phone-repair shop.


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