How To Repair A Broken Galaxy Note Edge Screen

Smartphone screens are still easily damaged after sudden drops even though they’re protected by advanced glass and cases. Is this curved display Galaxy Note Edge hard to repair? Here we walk you through how to repair a broken Galaxy Note Edge screen.


Tools Needed:

Note Edge Disassembly


1. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge S Pen.

  • ● Power off the device;
  • ● Pull out the S Pen stylus.

Note Edge S Pen Off


2. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Battery Door.

● Pull the battery door out through the small gap between the power button and the battery door.


Note Edge Battery Door Off


3. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Battery.


Note Edge Battery Off


4. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Rear Housing.


  • ● Undo the 15 screws in the rear housing;
  • ● Insert the case opening tool to take out the rear housing.
  • (Notice: The loudspeaker assembly is located in the rear housing and difficult to remove.)


Note Edge Rear Housing Off


5. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Motherboard.


  • ● Pry up the 5 connectors;
  • ● Release the upper portion of the motherboard;
  • ● Pry up the connector on the back of the board to release the bottom part of the motherboard.



Note Edge Motherboard Connectors Off


Note Edge Motherboard Connectors Off 2


6. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Charging Port Flex Assembly.


  • ● Pry up the 3 connectors;
  • ● Undo the screw;
  • ● Release the USB charger port flex assembly.


Note Edge Charging Port Flex Off


8. Remove Small Parts from the Galaxy Note Edge.



(Notice: The power button and volume button are assembled in the front housing and not easily removed.)


Note Edge Front Housing Small Partd Off


Note Edge Side Keys


The Galaxy Note Edge disassembly is now completed. Please note the front housing is attached to the Galaxy Note Edge LCD Touch Screen by a very strong adhesive, we do not recommend attempting to separate the frame from the LCD assembly, as it’s very difficult with a high risk of breakage. Thus, replace the cracked Galaxy Note Edge screen with a new one in reverse orders.


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  1. BY Latrice

    During this replacement, will any items (pictures,videos,music,etc) be lost on the device ?

    • BY kaye

      Hi, replacing the screen replacement wouldn’t lose data.

  2. BY Phil DLB

    a question, in the last 2 pictures you show the power button and the volume knob, how dou you get it out ? i have a new screen (Original) but i need to replace the knbs as well


    • BY May

      Hello Philippe, we did try but didn’t get the power button and volume button out as they are strongly glued to the frame.

  3. BY tim

    Hello, as i take it being a repairer all note edge screens available do not have the stylus digitiser , so they are completely useless . is the a how to for stylus digitiser replacement/fitting on the note edge . i can’t find a thing and i have an edge with cracked glass only and a screen i purchased from a supplier and as always with new models not everything is available – just like iPad mini screens with no IC’s – LOL

  4. BY Sikmon

    Thank you for the tutorial. I don’t understand the last part of it. You say not to separate the frame from the assembly. How would I replace the assembly without the frame? I checked your website and I couldn’t find a new frame with the power button and the home button attached. Thank you for any additional help you can provide.

    • BY May

      Hi Sikmon, the Galaxy Note Edge Frame is not available in the market yet.


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