How To Fix Vertical Lines On An iPhone Screen After Replacement

Zebra lines or blue vertical stripes on a display is a common problem many users report after iPhone screen replacement. Usually, it’s not caused by a defective screen, then what the culprit might be? Here are some possible causes and solutions.


1. Bad Connection


Reason: The first thing you should do is check the connection between the flex cables and the logic board. If the connectors are obstructed by dust or debris, try to clear them away with a brush and rubbing alcohol. If the connectors are damaged or the flex ribbon is bent over 90°, well, a replacement is needed. After checking those, reconnect the flex cables to the motherboard, making sure the connectors are properly connected.


Solutions: do not force the connectors together until you are sure they are properly lined up; do not bend the flex ribbons during testing and installation.


2. Static Charge


Reason: aside from a bad connection between flex ribbons and the logic board, ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) is another big cause of vertical lines. Too much ESD produced by either the product itself or by a human during the test or installation.


Solutions: reduce any static charge by using a body static remover (or touching a ground) before proceeding with any testing or installation. Wear an anti-static bracelet and keep an ion fan on during the repair job.




3. Damaged IC


Reason: possibly the IC on the display is damaged if both of the above methods don’t help. Check the part on the top left and right corners in particular. If there’s any damage or one of them has been crushed or the IC has been damaged then your part is defective. You’ll have to replace the screen with a new one.



Solution: the screen has to be replaced if the IC was broken. Do not squeeze the IC to avoid damaging it.


Lastly, be sure to use an extension flex to test the screen before reassembly to prevent unnecessarily folding of the flex ribbons, as well as to prevent damage to the fragile connectors.


You may check below video for more information:



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  1. BY omarhass

    L decided just to put my 5s aside and buy an iphone 8 plus l got it cheap rather than wasting time looking for parts and trying to solve it

  2. BY Michella Zoladz

    i have one really thin darck blue line on the side of my screen on myphone. I replaced the screen yesterday and it only appeared half an hour ago . Im really scared because i am not a technological person and i cant affored a proffessional . Plz help me asap befor it might get worse .

    • BY kaye

      Hi Michella
      I suggest you go to the repair shop to make sure what make this happen,and then find ways to solve this issue..
      Thank you for your trust to us.
      Have a nice day..


    My iphone 5 also had the same problem, it has 2lines on left side and I can’t tap there. even if it is a temporary problem, because sometimes it works fine. please guide what I can do for it because I don’t think that my screen have cracked. Thank You

  4. BY Scott

    My worked fine and this morning applied an IOS update, now got the end to end streeks

  5. BY adrian

    if my metal frame is bent…does that come into play??

  6. BY lily

    the screen its not cracked

  7. BY lily

    i have got some horizontal black line in a side of my iPhone 5c. I tried to disconnect the assembly but then it connected it back and it got worse. now I don’t know if the problem is on the scree or the connection…

  8. BY Steve

    Hi May,

    if the IC is the metal plate which I believe the arrow is pointing at.
    How would you determine if it has been broken?

    • BY May

      Hey Steve, the only way to find out is that to take apart the IC shield which you will break the IC if it’s still in good condition. If you are sure the connection and the static charge is not the cause, the most possible cause is the IC. Hope it helps, thanks 🙂

  9. BY Chris

    Where does the static wrist strap go connected to?

    • BY May

      Hi Chris, the static wrist strap is connected to a repair table, which has a earth wire connecting to the ground.

      • BY Jonny

        Do metal table? Not wood or plastic?


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