How To Fix Stripes On Your Cellphone Screen

Many repair shop owners may come across this situation, after turn on the replaced screens, it displays many flickering vertical lines as the pic shown below. Here we’d like to share with you our understanding and the possible solutions for it.


 In fact, this problem is usually caused by 2 factors.

stripes on screen

The first one which is more likely to happen during the repair process. When there are tiny stuff (such as dust or broken glass pieces) between the LCD connector and motherboard connector, the LCD screen can’t receive the correct data to lay out. What’s more, when the connector was not assembled correctly and be pressed deformed, the tiny so called “gold fingers” in the gap between the connectors that get corroded may also cause the problem.


The solution to solve it is simple, first, check whether the connectors are connected correctly. If so, clean the connectors by using 530 contact cleaner. With a little brush dipping some 530 contact cleaner, you can clean the connectors clearly. Handle gently, or the circuit may be damaged. If the stripes are still on the screen after you have cleaned the connectors and reassembled the parts, replacing the connector can solve the problem.

 4 corners of iphone Lcd crushed

4 corners of iphone LCD crushed


In the second situation, if the four corners of the LCD display have been crushed during the repair process. The only thing you can do is to replace another LCD screen.



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