How To Disassemble Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The most distinct feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the curved display, which is a new and quick way for users to access frequently used apps, notifications and other information all with the swipe of a thumb. What else is inside to make the device so special? Let’s tear down the Galaxy Note Edge and have a look.

 Tools Needed:


1. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge S Pen.


  • ● Power off the device;
  • ● Pull out the S Pen stylus.


Note Edge S Pen Off


2. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Battery Door.


● Pull the battery door out through the small gap between the power button and the battery door.


Note Edge Battery Door Off


3. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Battery.


Note Edge Battery Off


4. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Rear Housing.


  • ● Undo the 15 screws in the rear housing;
  • ● Insert the case opening tool to take out the rear housing.


(Notice: The loudspeaker assembly is located in the rear housing and difficult to remove.)


Note Edge Rear Housing Screw Off


Note Edge Rear Housing Off


5. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Motherboard.


  • ● Pry up the 5 connectors;
  • ● Release the upper portion of the motherboard;
  • ● Pry up the connector on the back of the board to release the bottom part of the motherboard.


Note Edge Motherboard Connectors Off 2


6. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Rear-Facing Camera.


  • ● Pry up the connector on the back side of the motherboard;
  • ● Remove the back camera.


Note Edge Rear Camera Off


7. Remove the Galaxy Note Edge Charging Port Flex Assembly.


  • ● Pry up the 3 connectors;
  • ● Undo the screw;
  • ● Release the USB charger port flex assembly.


Note Edge Charging Port Flex Off


8. Remove Small Parts from the Galaxy Note Edge.



(Notice: The power button and volume button are assembled in the front housing and not easily removed.)


Note Edge Front Housing Small Partd Off


Note Edge Side Keys


The Galaxy Note Edge disassembly is now completed.


The front housing is attached to the Galaxy Note Edge LCD Touch Screen by a very strong adhesive; we do not recommend attempting to separate the frame from the LCD assembly, as it’s very difficult with a high risk of breakage.


Note Edge Disassembly Finished

Note 4 Disassembly Finished


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  1. BY Mervin

    Do you repair samsung note edge? I cant turn it on

    • BY kaye

      Hi Mervin, glad to hear from you but we ETrade Supply don’t repair cellphone, we sell mobile spare parts online.

  2. BY Thomas

    My SD Card isn’t being detected. I have tried multiple cards and its just not working on my Note Edge but works elsewhere. I found the SD Card/Sim Card Flex cable part online. Is it possible to replace the part as its on the logic board? Is it soldered or is it just a connector that needs to be clicked on?
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  3. BY Chin

    Can you help me on how to swap power and volume buttons. Somehow I received a frame assembly replacement which does not have them.

  4. BY Robert

    My sensors don’t seems to work, what will be the problem because I had it tested on a different board and it worked

  5. BY Rjay Oso

    Hi Thanks for sharing!

    Can you tell me where the gps antenna is located? Thanks!

    • BY May

      Hi Rjay, please check on step 7, one of the two cables is the GPS antenna.

      • BY Eric Orosz

        Which cable in example 7 is for gps?

      • BY Rjay Oso

        Thanks so much may! 🙂

        • BY May

          No problem, hope it helps 🙂


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