Heat Pipes Likely to Be Used in Upcoming iPhones

Some companies such as Furukawa Electric, Chaun-Choung Technology and TaiSol Electronics are likely to be doing a lot more business in the next six months, as Apple, Samsung, and HTC are planning to cooperate with them. Specifically, many reports have said that Apple is interested in their ultra-thin heat pipes.

[caption id="attachment_3382" align="alignnone" width="300"]Heat Pipes Likely to be used in Upcoming iPhones Heat Pipes Likely to be used in Upcoming iPhones[/caption]

According to DigiTimes, all three companies may adopt “ultra-thin heat pipes” in their upcoming smartphones, hinting that Apple’s iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 may do so as well. The “liquid cooling” that could be used in the smartphones is rumored to be similar to that in laptops, which are used to cool heat from processors and wireless chips.

NEC’s flagship device called Medias X06E, which is equipped with a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 4 processor, uses a heat pipe with a diameter of just 0.6mm to stay cool. Digitimes also claimed that Apple will release new devices with liquid cooling mechanisms starting in the fourth quarter this year at the earliest.

News from Digitimes

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    It is a interesting news. Nice idea to use Heat Pipes in Upcoming iPhones. Anyway i will buy 1 for me.


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