How often do you find yourself frantically rubbing your phone on your shirt, or your finger on your pants because a little wetness assures the digitizer won’t respond properly? Did you know some people don’t need to? This is an issue of the past with a few phone models such as the Sony Xperia and the rugged workman’s phone by Caterpillar the Cat B15 because they use "WET FINGER TRACKING" digitizers. But why isn’t it available on all new phones? Especially high-end models like the Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5, seeing as how the technology has been around since at least mid-2011 when it was featured on the Xperia. Every day, at least five times I need to dry my screen because of rain, sweat, beer, just washed hands etc. and it turns out this could easily be avoided. If the technology is there, and you’re making the high-end models, why not use it??? [caption id="attachment_2464" align="aligncenter" width="300"]b15-slide-frontback CAT® . B15_ WATERPROOF PHONE CAN EVEN BE RUN OVER BY A TRUCK AND KEEP WORKING[/caption]


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