Hardware Comparison of the Note 4 and Note Edge

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge were released almost at the same time and they share similar specifications, however, it’s known all over the web that the Galaxy Note Edge features a curved screen. Actually, there are a few other differences in the devices aside from the curved screen.


1. Side Keys


Inherited from the last generation of Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note 4 power button is designed on the side, while it’s moved to the top in Galaxy Note Edge. The power buttons won’t be interchangeable either since they have a difference in size and shape between the two phones. Substituting the volume buttons won’t work either, obviously, as they’re different in design, too.


power button


volume button


2. USB Charging Port


The Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge charging ports seem alike at first look, however, even if the USB charger ports are interchangeable, while the charging port flex cable ribbons are not. However, the chargers and USB data cables are compatible.


 charging port


3. Battery Door


From the outside, the Note 4 and Note Edge battery covers look exactly the same except for the printed logos. However, all of us were taught from a young age not to judge a book by its cover, which is fitting here. We found that the back covers hold more differences besides the printed logos, shapes and sizes when removing them to compare.


battery door


battery door3


4. Battery


When opening the battery doors, don’t assume that the batteries are compatible. The Galaxy Note 4 has a 3220mAh battery, which is 220mAh bigger than the Galaxy Note Edge’s battery.


  rear housing battery


 battery 3


Stay tuned for more hardware comparison after we tear down these two devices.

Note 4 Disassembly Finished


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