Google X Smartphone– Reports Say it’s Real, but Motorola is Going Solo

google x phone So there has been a rumor going around the smartphone world, about Google’s alleged cooperation with Motorola on the already well-known Google X phone. Recent rumors state that Google has abandoned the project, because Motorola could not meet Google’s innovation requirements.This rumor/leak comes from the Technologic Analyst Sun Chang Xu, who posted the on her Weibo (China’s equivalent to Facebook) that the project would not be cancelled, but Google will pull out and leave it to Motorola. The rumor/leak came as quite a shock to the smartphone community, and has been shared and spread around the world. Sun’s Weibo post was later deleted, which might have to do with outside pressure from Motorola and/or Google since it quickly went viral and got a lot of attention. Previous reports show that the Motorola-Google X phone will be equipped with a 4.8 inch touch screen with a resolution reaching the HD 1080p level. They say it will also be equipped with the latest released Snapdragon 800 Quad-core 2GHz processor with 2GB RAM, 13M HD camera as well as Android 5.0.1 Lime Pie OS. Moreover, the X phone will possibly upgrade the built-in 3000 mAh battery to 4000 mAh. However, Sun also mentions that this X phone will not be released in China, which could be a disappointment to Chinese cellphone fans. Source: Sina Weibo


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