Google Furious Over Microsoft’s Non-Consensual Youtube App

microsoft-youtube Last week, Microsoft updated the Youtube application for the Windows Phone. However, Google is not happy with Microsoft and has sent a cease and desist letter to Microsoft, demanding that Microsoft "immediately withdraw this application from the Windows Phone Store and disable existing downloads of the application by Wednesday, May 22, 2013." What’s going on between Google and Microsoft? It is reported that Microsoft has created the app without Google’s consent. A Microsoft spokesperson told Neowin “…google was unwilling to cooperate with Microsoft to make an app up to par with the apps for other platforms.” The app prevents ads from playing on Youtube and allows users to download videos. Although lack of advertisements is good for the user’s experience, it cuts away a valuable revenue source of both Google and the third-party content creators who paid for the ads through Google’s platform. As a response to Google, a spokesman of Microsoft said that they are willing to display the ads on Youtube apps, but will need Google to provide the necessary APIs. Source: The Verge


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