Google Is Committed to Making Nexus Phones Insanely Great Cameras

Many people know that Google Nexus smartphone’s camera has performed worse than that of rivals. Some people suggested that Nexus owns the default Android image processing software, while others blame the low-end sensors. It is well known that Google’s smartphone cannot compete with Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC Droid DNA in terms of quality. May be we will see a new change in the phone’s market.   Vic Gundotra, Google’s Senior VP of Engineering, today in a photography-themed post to reply to comments that Google is “committed to making Nexus phones with insanely great cameras,” and “just you wait and see.” The comments show that Google decides to improve the quality of its upcoming flagship smartphone. Much previous information rumored that the company cooperate with Motorola, codenamed X Phone to work on a new device, which is said to feature a better camera. The new smartphone is expected to release in May with a high-end rear camera, long battery life and a flexible display. News From BGR


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