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Here at ETrade Supply our goal has always been to supply those who otherwise lack the tools, knowledge, and parts to repair their smartphones (and other devices). Since the beginning we have endeavored to find ways at making the most common repair jobs easier. Today we are very excited to announce we have nearly solved a very common smartphone problem that many users experience each and every day, a broken screen.



We are very proud to introduce you to our latest product Glass Repair Solution (GRS). Together with our partners and through hundreds of tests we finally have a LOCA based solution that is able to repair broken glass without the need of a replacement. GRS just needs to be applied to the cracks of a broken screen and allowed roughly 10minutes to dry. Once it has had a chance to dry the screen will look as good as new.



GRS works by binding to and filling in the cracks. It then contracts ever so slightly as it dries to prevent the crack from growing or “running”. But GRS isn’t an end all solution as it only repairs the glass. It will not fix a broken screen or an OGS screen where the touch is no longer functioning.



We made GRS primarily to fix cracked screens, but we are also looking into all the alternative uses it could have.


Please note: That due to the difficulty in producing GRS we currently have very limited quantities.


-- Notice:


A special glue to magically fix your broken phone glass? You knew it was too good to be true, April Fools!


This magic glue may not exist yet, but while you wait check out some of our real solutions to fixing the cracked glass.


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  1. BY Nazatulla tarafder

    Sir,famez my one plus nord glass.
    Any way i want glas repar keet.
    Price how mach?

  2. BY Rodrigo

    I want to buy the Glass Repair Solutions

    • BY kaye

      This product has been suspended.

  3. BY Terrence

    Price and when is the item going to be in stock.

    • BY Wesley

      Hey Terrence, This was actually an April Fool’s joke, but if you need helping fixing your screen there are tons of guides on the blog as well as al the tools and guides you could ever need on ETrade Supply‘s webshop.

  4. BY John

    HI there was just wondering does it work like the same as the LOCA glue ? or we can use LOCA glue to do the same thing as well please advice thx

    • BY Wesley

      Hi John, No this works very differently from LOCA glue. LOCA glue lacks the resin it needs to correctly fill the crack that our GRS has in it.


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