General Tips for Cellphone Maintenance

Many people consider their phone as the most important thing they own, and sometimes buying an expensive phone is an investment for years to come. However, sometimes this investment doesn’t seem to pay off, as phones break easily. Here we present some general tips on how to maintain your phone to keep it working as long as possible. 90890-1 1. Water Exposure: If your phone is ever exposed to water, pull out the battery as soon as possible. The phone should then be let to dry completely. You can use a hair dryer to help with this process, and leave the phone in silica or rice for a day or two. However the best idea is to take it to a repair shop where the phone can be properly disassembled so each part can be dried individually. This will avoid certain corrosion in the future. Do also keep the phone away from moist environments and corrosive liquids as this might destroy the phone’s motherboard. 2. Do not leave your phone in the sun: Naturally, high temperatures will damage or destroy your phone. They can also damage your battery and affect its life time. 3. Protection: Buy a screen protector to protect from scratches, cracking or shattering. Use a protective case to prevent your housing from scratches or breaking if dropped. 4. If you can avoid it, carry your phone in a purse or hand bag. As phones become thinner and thinner (and often more flimsy) they can often be dealt serious damage when forgotten about in a back pocket. 5. Do not try to disassemble your phone by yourself if you are not confident or trained in this field. If your phone breaks, we would advise you to take the phone to a professional repair shop.
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