Galaxy S6 Antutu Score Leaks, Shows Samsung Still Dominate Android Phone Market

Rumors and leaks about Samsung's Galaxy S6 have been flooding in for a long time. Recently, Antutu leaked a couple of pictures showing that Samsung's latest flagship performed excellently. 

From the picture above, we can see the that the device named as SM-G925W8 sports Android 5.0.2, an Exynos7420 chipset, a 5.1 inch 1440*2560 pixels display, a 20 MP rear facing camera and 5.0 MP front facing camera. The configuration is pretty nice and leaked specs sheet and coincides with previous rumors.

The purported Samsung Galaxy S6 managed to achieve an Antutu score as high as 60,978. These are some of the most amazing results we have ever seen in an Android phone. By looking at the picture above, we can come to the conclusion that the octa-core Exynos 7420 that the Korean giant produced itself has improved a lot. The 3D effects will be much better than with other Samsung flagships, which sounds great for smartphone game fans. However, the impressive performance of the processor surely comes at price, that is, high power consumption and heat output. Still, currently we have no idea of Samsung’s Galaxy S6’s battery capacity, but to solve the heat output problem, Samsung may have employed a 14nm production process in the chip. If so, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 will be the first smartphone that sports an ARM processor produced with a 14nm production process.


As March 1st is drawing near we will have to wait and see once this device becomes a reality. Then we can watch to see if Samsung will retrieve its former glory against Apple? 


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