Helpful Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks

There are four mobile phone giants: Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG, which occupying the main smartphone market. Nobody can deny the fact that Samsung has experienced a rapid increase of shares in the cellphone market. This year, Samsung is climbing to the top of the smartphone market, thanks to its latest flagship Galaxy S4. If you are a Galaxy S4 owner or you are loyal to Galaxy series and plan to purchase a Galaxy S4, you are right here to get started with your handset. Here you have some helpful tips and tricks for the Galaxy S4.

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1)   Tips for Home Screen Modes


Two Home Screen modes are supported by Galaxy S4: basic mode (smarter mode) and easy mode. The basic mode is the default setting including all available functions, while easy mode only supplies an easier access for customers using smartphone for the first time. You can change the basic mode to the easy mode by touching Menu > Settings > My device > Home screen mode > Easy mode > Apply.

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2)   How to Adopt Motion and Smart Gestures


You can control your device with the options of motions or natural gestures of your hands. Go to Menu > Settings > My device > Motion and gestures, and you will access the motion setting. Turn on the setting by sliding OFF to ON, you will find three features are available for you: Air gestures, Motion, and Palm motion.

Air gestures: The function performs by using a sensor to detect users’ specific movements. The sensor position is at the top-right upper part above the screen. The following picture marks the sensor position with blue circle.

[caption id="attachment_4043" align="aligncenter" width="400"]samsung galaxy s4 lcd screen and digitizer assembly Galaxy S4 Sensor Position[/caption]

When your GS4 screen is turned off, you can hold your hands above the sensor to make the display active at Notification icons, Missed calls, New messages, Time & Date or Battery power. To scroll web pages and emails, you can move your hands up and down over the sensor. If you want to answer an incoming call or move to the previous or next item, you can move your hands left or right. To move icons to other screens, you can tap and hold icons with one hand, then move your other hand left or right above the sensor to drag them to other screens: Home screen, App menu and Calendar.

Motion: Galaxy S4 is special by its direct call and smart alert features. Placing the device to your ear will automatically make a call when you check contact pages, such as contact information or message details. When you have unread messages or missing calls, you will find these notifications immediately when pick up the handset. The Galaxy S4 contains the mute function, so the unanswered calls or activated audio or video will pause when you can turn the screen down.

Palm Motion: Galaxy S4 provides the function of capturing a screenshot. You can sweep your hands over the screen to trigger the function. Or you can mute music or FM radio by covering the screen with your palm.

3)   Tips for Galaxy S4 Multi Tasking

Multi tasks functions are fulfilled under the multi window. The multi window is available at default setting. If you turned it off incidentally, you can activate it by going to Quick Panel and touching Multi window. The Multi window is originally at the left of the screen. After tapping the icon, the Multi window tray is started. You also can move the Multi window location by tapping and holding it to drag to another position on the screen. It is easy to open an app in a Multi window screen when you touch the app and drag it out from the Multi window tray. You can drag several apps out then freely enjoy the simultaneous tasks: browsing the web, watching a video, or checking emails etc.

4) Smart screen tips of Galaxy S4

There are some options to make your Galaxy S4 screen smarter. Go to Setting > My device > Smart screen. “Smart stay’ is also called eye tracking. It has the function of keeps the screen on when it tracks your eyes left the screen. “Smart pause” allows the video to pause when users are not looking at the screen. You can scroll pages by titling your head or the phone with the feature of “Smart Scroll”. The “Smart rotation” can be used to adjust suitable display according to the way you view the screen.

5) Tips for Galaxy S4 Camera Function

A plenty of camera features can be found on the Galaxy S4. Besides the normal picture-taking function by focusing on the scene and tapping the Camera button to take a shot, the GS4 can also capture photos while you are recording video. Galaxy S4 has a 13-megapixel rear camera as well as a 2 MP front camera. You can switch between the front and back cameras or take a photo post card using both of them simultaneously.

6) How to Apply GS4 Group Play Application

Group play enables you easily realize content share without the trouble of the same Wi-Fi network. Touch Apps > Group Play > Mark the “Do not show again” on a Wi-Fi access point > OK. You can create a group then initiate the interaction with group members. Touch Create group > Set group password > Click OK. When a screen of Mobile AP shows up, you mark “Do not show again” then click OK, and then the Wi-Fi will be disabled. When you finish these setting, the Group Play will be activated. To add members, users need to bring their S4 devices together, usually back to back. After select related contents in these sectors: “Share music”, “Share picture”, “Share documents” or “Play games”, you will share these contents with your group members. If you want to join a Group Play Session, touch Apps > Group Play > Join group. But you are required to enter a password when joining the group.

Galaxy S4 is a great device pushing the development of smartphone. It has enjoyed a good popularity and reputation by its outstanding features. If you discover some Galaxy S4 tips and tricks we don’t mention here, please feel free to post a comment. We are pleased to add more new tips for Galaxy S4 owners.

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