Galaxy S4 Breaks Easier than iPhone, Galaxy S3

Comparing Samsung Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S3 and Apple's iPhone 5, the Galaxy S4 was found to be more fragile than iPhone 5 or previous generation Galaxy S3. Smartphone insurance vendor SquareTrade has released a durability test on Galaxy S4 mentioning "although Galaxy S4 was tested to be more water resistant than its predecessor, it performed worse in most other categories."

The SquareTrade Breakability Score ranks today’s top devices by evaluating phone key elements such as front and back panel design, edge construction and materials, size, weight, friction quotient, water resistance and grip-ability.“ Even the smallest device characteristics can dramatically affect its breakability: the weight balance of a device can affect the way it spins in free-fall, making it more likely to land on its screen; devices with rubber backs are less likely to slide, and device dimensions can effect how snugly smartphones fit in pant and jeans pockets.” SquareTrade CMO Ty Shay Said.

The company’s press release on Samsung Galaxy S4 to the S3 and Apple iPhone 5 score comment is the following:

While the S4 proved slightly more water resistant than its predecessor the S3, Samsung’s new Galaxy phone actually performed worse in most other categories. Major strikes against the S4 include high breakability during SquareTrade Drop Tests, a slippery back panel, and a wider screen that reduces grip-ability, especially compared to the ultra-slim iPhone 5. Breakability Score: 7

While the Samsung S3 screen is more durable, it is less water resistant than the S4 and its plastic back and wide width decreases its grip-ability. Breakability score: 6.5

The iPhone 5 scored the highest of the three phones tested. While it lost points for its larger size due to more breakable surface area, its excellent grip-ability and low friction coefficient make it far more durable overall. Breakability Score: 5

Source: BGR

  1. BY 90Miles

    I had 2 iPhone and unfortunately I switched to the Galaxy S4. The first S4 broke by falling on a purse and the second S4 the SCREEN Broke overnight while it’s changing !! Very cheap Quality and material to make it lighter. Don’t get it if you haven’t yet.

  2. BY JT

    You would have to be pretty damn dim-witted to believe 85% of this crud.

    It’s just ABSURD.. oh and lame too.

    OK angry people .. make your comments now.

    ( who makes a ‘MOBILE’ phone that’s completely encased by GLASS??!
    AND and back plate that costs a fortune to replace or mod !! – just foolish )


    • BY JT

      – oh yah,



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