Full Process Presentation on Xiaomi Mix 4 Teardown

Used Tools:

​ ​ SIM card eject tool,

​ Philips inflatable park Screwdriver,

​ tweezers,

​ Spudger,

​ Ultra-thin plastic sheet,

​ suction cup,

​ plastic card,

​ hot air gun


1 .Take out the card tray after shutting down


The card holder is at the bottom of the fuselage, with dual nano SIM design, placed up and down. The material is metal + plastic + ceramic, with a dustproof and waterproof rubber ring on the inside.



2.Remove the rear shell


2.1 This time Mi MIX 4 uses an integrated ceramic back shell, the back cover and the frame are combined into one, so it is not our common sandwich structure. Therefore, for such an integrated rear shell structure, the disassembly machine must be accessed from the side of the screen. Place a heating pad at 90 degrees Celsius. After heating for three minutes, use a suction cup to open a gap at the bottom of the screen, insert an ultra-thin metal dismantling piece, and after cutting part of the glue, use a thick plastic dismantling piece to cut around and open it. After the shell.



2.2 Pay special attention here. There is a Type-c cable on the inside. The cable is not long in length, and it is easy to break if you don't pay attention to the opening angle.



2.3 You can only remove the two fixing screws first, cut the adhesive of the bottom microphone, and pick out the cable to separate the back shell from the main body.



3. Remove the motherboard


3.1 Pick up the adhesive of the induction cable



3.2 Remove ten screws fixing the main board cover.



3.3 Take out the main board cover from below.



3.4 Open the left and right battery BTB to power off



3.5 Then pick up the screen extension cable, main cable, type c interface, periscope, sensor, telephoto, front camera and BTB of the top microphone in turn. Take out the type c interface cable, sensor cable and front camera. Since the BDB of the main camera is buckled on the back of the motherboard, the camera module cannot be removed temporarily.



3.6 Pick up the three coaxial cables at the bottom right corner of the main board, and pull out the cable grooves.



3.7 Tear off the copper foil connecting the motherboard and the top speaker, remove a screw that fixes the motherboard, and take out the motherboard from below.



3.8 We continue to remove it, and only the top speaker and microphone cables are left on the main body. Pick out the top speaker and the microphone cable.



4 .Disassemble the copy part


4.1 Remove the six screws that fix the speaker, and take out the speaker from the right side.



4.2 Tear off the heat-dissipating copper foil above the BTB, and disconnect the BTB of the main screen cable, screen extension cable, fingerprint, and antenna board in turn. Then pick up the two coaxial wires and pull out the wire groove.



4.3 Take out the secondary board from the bottom right. The back of the sub-board is the SIM card slot, and the X-axis linear motor is called from the bottom.



5 .Remove the battery


5.1 Xiaomi's classic quick release design, tear off both sides of AB. Since the battery has a dual-cell design, we can first pull it halfway and then change the sides to pull the battery out as a whole.



5.2 Finally, when you turn on the screen, you can see the large area of heat-dissipating copper foil on the back. The three openings are the front camera, the sensor and the fingerprint under the screen. There is also a large area of heat dissipation film covering one side of the middle frame, and underneath is the ultra-thin fingerprint module under the screen.



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