Full Process Presentation on HUAWEI P40 Pro Teardown

​ ​Huawei P40 Pro is a smart phone that was launched in April 2020. Today I bring you an article on how to disassemble Huawei P40 Pro to understand the internal structure and parts.Maybe the whole process will be a bit complicated,if you work in a repair shop,we hope this article can be helpful to you.


Used Tools: SIM card eject tool, Philips inflatable park Screwdriver, tweezers, Spudger, Ultra-thin plastic sheet, suction cup, plastic card, hot air gun


Step 1: Remove the rear shell


1.1 Remove the SIM card tray. Because Huawei P40 Pro has an IP68 waterproof and dustproof rubber ring, we found that there is a waterproof and dustproof rubber ring inside the SIM card. ​​



1.2 Remove the rear panel: heat it to 90 degrees with a heat gun for 5 minutes, insert the disassembly sheet into the gap, and then suck the back cover with a suction cup,use a wire stripper to slowly cut along the gap of the back cover. After opening it cover. It should be noted that since the machine supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof, lots of glue is used inside. You must be careful not to cut your fingers.



​ 1.3 Remove the back cover of the phone



Step 2: Disassemble the motherboard



2.1 Before removing the motherboard and camera module, you need to remove 11 fixing screws



2.2 Remove the wireless charging module and cooling film



2.3 Pull off the battery BTB, Pull off the TBT of Type-C port, main FPC, screen, antenna plate, periscope telephoto camera, TOF, main camera, and ultra-wide-angle camera in turn.



2.4 Remove these 2 fixing screws



2.5 Tear off the thermal conductive graphite and pick out 3 BTB



2.6 Remove the entire motherboard



2.7 Open the periscope camera BTB and take out the camera



2.8Pick up TOF, main camera and ultra-wide-angle camera BTB in turn



2.9 Take out the main camera



Step 3:Remove the battery


3.1Remove the battery produced by HUIZHOU Desay, the battery capacity is 4200mAh. Using ATL batteries can effectively guarantee battery life.



3.2 Maybe you can use the disassembly piece



Step 4: Remove the sub-board part


4.1 Firstly, we should remove these 7 screws



4.2 Open the speaker, fingerprint under the screen and the BTB and coaxial cable interface of the main FPC, and remove the screws



4.3 Remove the sub-board



4.4 Take out the loudspeaker



4.5 Take out the Type-C charging port



Step 5: Disassemble the screen


drop the glue on the edge of the screen, heat it and then drip it from the gap in the middle frame, and then use the suction cup and disassembly sheet to open the panel. It can be seen that there is a buffer foam in the middle of the mobile phone frame at the bottom of the screen, and there is a VC soaking plate under the buffer foam, and the black part on the upper right is the heat dissipation film.



Notice: Huawei P40 Pro has a complicated internal structure, which contains too many small parts and components inside. We need to be careful with the classification of the parts and screws. For any questions about the Huawei P40 Pro teardown procedure above, please leave your comments. Furthermore, you may check our Huawei P Smart LCD screen and digitizer and small parts in our shop if you are looking for iPad repair tools and components. Contact us if you have interests.



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