Does Flappy Bird Kill Your Phone? Repair the Broken Screen

Recently a mobile game named Flappy Bird became very popular but before it lasted long the game creator Dong Nguyen had removed it from App Store on February 9th. According to Nguyen, his original intention to design this game was to relax people. However, things did not develop as he expected when Flappy Bird gained popularity so fast but turned out to be an addictive game, so Nguyen had no choice but to discontinue his successful product.



Although the game has been removed from App Store, there are still a lot of people playing this game. They all have one goal in their mind: to beat the flappy bird. HOW? We are also curious about this question. So we go to YouTube and search for the answer. To our great surprise, most of the videos end up cracking the smartphone with a hammer or other ways to break the phone. It seems that Flappy Bird not only makes people addicted but also drives people mad. No wonder the game designer has to stop it.


flappy bird crack screen 1


flappy bird crack screen


We sincerely hope people can play this game safely. To those whose phone was damaged due to this game, we also hope we can help you to rescue your device. If you need any parts, you can check out website Here are some repair videos that might help you fix the phone yourself


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