Fix Samsung S20 U WiFi Issue

The maintenance rate of Samsung S20u WiFi is relatively high, and common faults are weak WiFi signal or cannot be opened. The WiFi module is on the edge of the motherboard and is a separate module unit. A good WiFi signal requires a WIFI module, coupling, filtering, amplifier and antenna components. If WiFi fails, all of the above parts need to be checked, but in most cases the amplifier or WiFi module is soldered and damaged. This article mainly provides repair methods for amplifier damage.


1.Disassemble the back case, attach the lens protection sticker, remove the screws, and remove the motherboard.



2.Refer to the motherboard component annotation drawing


(1)Check whether the capacitor IC and power supply IC are normal


(2)Check whether the appearance of the external antenna has fallen off and whether the contacts are oxidized


(3)Whether the components on the clock line and signal line are normal




These are important measurement points that are more prone to breakage. If these are normal, it can be preliminarily determined that either the amplifier is broken, or the WiFi module itself is broken.


3.We first replace the amplifier, put the motherboard into the motherboard clamp, use an air gun to heat and blow down the amplifier, add solder oil, drag the amplifier chassis high-temperature tin into low-temperature tin, and blow a new amplifier on the motherboard.




4.Install the motherboard, simply install and test WIFI, and test the WiFi function without problems


5.If the WiFi module itself is broken, we only need to replace a WiFi module again


6.Attach other external accessories, tear off the lens protection sticker, and install the back cover. Power on the phone and test the other features of the phone again.




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