Finally, There Is a Solution for the Bricked iPhone Due to the Error 53

A few days ago, the Guardian has reported that thousands of iPhones have been bricked due to the non-official third party repair. This only happened to iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+ which the home button has been replaced while upgrading to the new iOS version or restoring. According to Apple, the device will be checked whether the home button is paired with the CPU to make sure the users’ fingerprints are safe. Once the iPhone is detected as “Not Pair”, it will be permanently bricked with no warning.

Today, the official solution come. Apple has released an updated version of iOS 9.2.1 for users to update their iPhones via iTunes only. This will help to restore those iPhones been disabled by Error 53 and prevent other devices from this issue in the future.

Now connect your bricked iPhone to iTunes via PC or Mac, update it, then your iPhone should come back to life!

However, this will bring your lost Touch ID function back to work once you get it replaced. Let Apple to handle your device is the only option to reuse the Touch ID.


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  1. BY the information you provide in your blog is very helpful

    could you explain just exactly what is a OLED display, and is apple doing this so that no one can reproduce it ???



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