Explanations on iPhone X Series Aftermarket Screen Touch Issues

Have you ever met the iPhone X series aftermarket screen touch issues? These issues include flicking screen, unresponsive screen, ghost touch, etc. Customers complained that the iPhone LCD and OLED screens purchased from China were probably meeting these touching problems. Well, the iPhone aftermarket screen touch issues occur for many reasons, some of which can be solved with simple repair tools. Here Etrade Supply comes up with some normal touching problems and explains why these touching issues happened on iPhone aftermarket screens to you. Also, we will share you tips on how to avoid these issues. Let’s check it below.


1. Some normal iPhone aftermarket screen touch issues


Common iPhone aftermarket screen touch issues are flickering screen, full screen unresponsive or partly screen unresponsive, and ghost touch. The flickering screen is the phenomenon that when we turn on the phone after the new screen replaced, the screen keeps flickering with unstable brightness. Flickering screen not only happens on iPhone X series aftermarket screen but also on other iPhone model screens. We will explain why this happens in the next paragraph. The unresponsive screen or partly unresponsive screen is the screen quality problem. It is unrepairable, technically speaking. Any new replaced iPhone screen with these problems will need a second repair. Ghost touch means the irregular automatic response on the screen without touching. This happens on some newly replaced screen occasionally.


iPhone X aftermarket touch issue


2. Why iPhone aftermarket screens have these touch problems


These touch issues happen a few days after the new screen replacement. Simple new screen flickering problem occurs because of the bad quality screen or systematic reason, and some of which can be solved on Settings. As to the unresponsive touch issue, the reasons are complex. Some of the new replaced screens cannot touch at all. It may be the problem of the improper screen flex cable connection or the broken screen flex cables. We need to tear down the new screen again and check the flex cables, reconnect the cables or fix the broken flex and reassemble the screen so that it would go back to normal. Partly unresponsive screen is the problem of the screen quality, you need to replace another new screen. Ghost touch issues are complex. Exclude the possibility of the reasons for ESD or improper installation, we may assume the reason for the hardware and software problem of the screen. Most aftermarket iPhone screens from China are manufactured in factories of the mainland, while the touch IC, which is the core part of the iPhone screen is supported by leading companies like Samsung or Taiwan Semiconductor. Most of the aftermarket iPhone X screens and replacement parts from China cannot meet the standard of the touch IC. This will lead to the consequence of the screen touch issue. On the other hand, the software on the aftermarket iPhone X screens is insufficient to computing the larger new iPhone drive IC software volume. That will also cause the problem of screen touch failure.  


Test iPhone X aftermarket screen


3. Tips on how to avoid the iPhone aftermarket screen touch issue


As we mentioned, the simple touch unresponsiveness issue can be solved by rechecking the screen flex connectors. As to the complex touch issue like ghost touch, these aftermarket iPhone screens are unrepairable. Customers who faced this problem should contact the store or supplier at the first time. Still, there are tips we should keep in mind during the iPhone X teardown and touch screen replacement. Touch a metal object or anti-static wrist strap beforehand to reduce the electric static damage to the iPhone parts. Also, remember to disconnect the battery connector at first when teardown the screen. Moreover, the QC procedure should be improved and strengthened for the third-party manufacturers and suppliers in China. Careless QC may decrease the qualification rate of the products.  


iPhone X screen touch test


At last, we suggest our customers choose the high-quality level iPhone aftermarket screens and parts for repair. A third-party supplier with a good reputation will make sure their best QC on their products. The simple flicking screen issue can be solved by checking the flex and reconnecting the flex cables while the unresponsive screen or ghost touch issue is complex. Etrade Supply recommends our high-quality level iPhone X LCD screen and digitizer for wholesale here. All our LCD screen and other iPhone small parts are 100% tested before packaging. Customers have no worries about after-sale issues or any quality problems. You may leave comments below or contact us if you have any questions about our iPhone parts. We are glad to help you.


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