What to Expect at this Year’s Google I/O


There are many rumors traveling around before Google’s big development conference. These are the latest and hottest news stories on the front.

googlewatch Google Smartwatch Concept T3.com The Moscone Center in San Francisco is hosting this year’s Google I/O, and it’s not unexpected that rumors are spreading around the Internet regarding what will be shown on the conference.

- The Google Watch!

watchgoogle Concept picture of Google Smartwatch from T3.com

People have been talking about “smartwatches” for a while now and it is said that Samsung, Apple and Microsoft are all working on these types of watches.

The website Android Authority is stating that Google will launch this kind of watch, and that it’s probably going to happen at this year’s Google I/O.

According to the website, the watch will be running Android, and has already been shown at Google’s offices in Berlin, Manchester and in Mountain View. The functions look a lot like the ones in Google Glass, a source told Android Authority.

It was speculated that the watch would be able to wirelessly connect to Google Glass, but this was dismissed by a source, who said that the watch will need to be first connected to a smartphone. The watch is also said to probably be produced by Motorola, although this is not confirmed.

Better maps and new Gmail-client


"The Media ball" Google Nexus Q was launched on the last Google I/O but did not become a huge success

According to sources, Google map will get a new and better interface and the Android version of the maps will be more like the iOS version.

The email client Gmail will be updated and like the new Google Maps it will also have a full screen mode. One of the new features is that you would be able to swipe your finger left to get a menu, where you get access to your inbox, send emails etc.

Android 4.3 or 5?

Many people have been hoping that Google would use Google I/O to launch the next big Android update, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. However, most people do not believe it will arrive until later, and instead will have an update of the current Jelly Bean version – Android 4.3.

New Game Service for Android.


Will Google Play Games be a gaming service à la Apple’s Game Center? Photo: Android Police

Android Police have revealed Google’s plans of a new gaming service that in many ways will look like the Game Center function you find on the iPhone or iPad. The gaming service showed up in a new version of the Google Play Services, where there is a logo with a little green controller with the title “Play Games.”

The gaming service will support multiplayer mode, will also have high score lists and achievements. You would also be able to send game invitations to friends.

New Google Nexus 7

According to the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there will be a new version of the Nexus 7 tablet.

The new version of the Nexus 7 will most likely be produced by Asus, and will have a 7-inch, 1920 x 1200 pixels screen. The tablet is also expected to get a stronger processor and another camera. The first Nexus 7-version only featured a front camera.

New Cellphones?

There are also rumors that Google will launch its first cellphone in cooperation with Motorola, which was bought by Google last year. The rumored phone goes under the name Motorola X Phone, but lately it seems that Google might have lost the interest for X Phone and pulled out of the project.

It is said that LG will also produce the next generation Nexus-phone, the Google Nexus 5.

More about the Google Glass

googleglass We will probably be hearing more about the Google Glass which was already sent out to developers around the world.Google filed a patent for smartglasses with built-in screens in the glasses. Photo: Google

SiliconAngle believes we will finally be able to see the finished commercial version of the Google Glass, in addition maybe the version made for perscription glasses. Google may soon announce a launching date for the Google Glass. So stay tuned on what’s happening in the Google I/O in the coming days.


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