DIY: iPhone 5 Case Made from Stones

Usually, the surface of common iPhone cases is very smooth, which does not provide solid touch feeling. Also, it is a great pity that most cases can’t add the weight and the better grip to the phone. It’s no secret that the stones can show the natural beauty, and by decorating your phone with them, you can showcase their unique colors and add a little touch of nature. Today we show you a simple tutorial that makes a stone case for your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

How to DIY a Gravel Case for iPhone

The materials you will need: 1. Some stones 2. An used iPhone case (It doesn't matter if it has the colorful pictures on it) 3. White Glue 4. A rag  

Step-by-step instructions:  

Step One: Clean the used iPhone case

Use the rag to clean the used iPhone case. Wash the stones with water and put them in a bucket to dry.  

Step Two: Spread the glue

Spread the white glue on the case evenly.

Clean the case & Spread the glue on the case

Step Three: Spread the stones on the white glue

Spread the stones on the white glue evenly. Please note that the rear camera should not be covered.

Spread the gravel on the glue evenly

Step Four: Wait until the glue is dry completely

You can use the case when the glue is dry completely. Attention: Make sure the case is in a well-ventilated area.

Wait until the glue is dry completely

In this article, we show you how to DIY a stone case for iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Of course, you can DIY cases for Android phones according to this method, such as Samsung Galaxy S III case, HTC One case, BlackBerry Z10 Case, Nexus 4 case and etc. But an important thing you need to note is to choose the used case matching your smartphone properly. Do you like this unique iPhone stone case? Have you ever worked with the stones before? Welcome to visit more DIY tutorials on ETrade Supply’s official Facebook, Twitter, and see the cellphone repair videos on Youtube.


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