How to disassemble your Samsung Galaxy S4

Tools needed:   

Small Phillips Screwdriver   


Case Opening Tool


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1. Turn off the phone and remove the battery door and battery.


Battery door, battery


2. Undo all 9 screws around the edge of the rear housing.


9 screws

 screws on S4


3. Insert the case opening tool in between the LCD assembly and rear housing to release the clips around the edge.


lcd screen


4. Use Tweezers to open the clip inside the battery compartment then release the rear housing.


Rear housing

5. Take out the loud speaker module from the rear housing.


loud speaker module


6. Open 9 connectors with the help of case opening tool.



9 connectors


7. Take out the antenna.


S4 antenna


8. Use Tweezers to pick out the USB port metal shield.


USB metal shield


9. Carefully insert the case open tool to loose the adhesive on the USB board.


metal shield


10. Take out the USB port board.


USB port


11. Undo 2 screws on the motherboard.


SIM card & SD



12. Release the motherboard.




13. Use the case open tool to remove the rear facing camera.


rear camera

14. Use Tweezers to open the SIM card and SD card tray clips then remove it.


sim card & sd card



15. Use tweezers to pick out head phone jack, front facing camera and ear phone.








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  2. BY Dewey

    the screen goes black but sometimes comes back is that a loose connedtion?

  3. BY S. Strout

    Thank you so much!! Your easy to follow instructions enabled me to remove the charging port from my soon’s old phone, install it in mine and get my phone back together in one piece!! It is now charging properly for the first time in months!!

    • BY May

      That’s awesome. Congratulations!

  4. BY Devin

    Thanks for the detail on the tear-down. That made it very easy to get in to clean the mini-USB connector and to replace the microphone.

  5. BY Carol

    where do I get the case opening tool?

  6. BY Randy B

    Thank you very much. Phone got wet followed instructions to the T and my phone is fully functional again. Took the phone appart and dried it.

  7. BY Olaf

    Very well documented. Thanks.



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